Practice Resources

ENA develops resources on clinical topics and issues of importance to emergency nurses. These resources, defined below, provide evidence-based information that supports emergency nursing practice as well as ENA’s position on matters relevant to emergency care. Click the links below for a full listing of the documents available under each resource.

Clinical Practice Guidelines (CPG)-Evidence-based documents that facilitate the application of current evidence into everyday emergency nursing practice. CPGs contain recommendations based on a systematic review and critical analysis of the literature about a clinical question. CPGs were formerly known as Emergency Nursing Resources (ENRs).

Emergency Nursing Scope and Standards of Practice- A landmark book that describes the professional behaviors, practice standards and competencies expected for nurses practicing in the specialty of emergency nursing

ENA's Translation into Practice– Translation into Practice (TIP) - Quick reference document that facilitates the application of current evidence available at the time into emergency nursing practice relative to the specific question identified.

Infographics -- a visual image that helps to simplify a complex subject by using images, charts, or diagrams to represent information or data.

Position Statements– Recommendations for a course of action or statements of belief that reflect ENA’s stance regarding an issue of importance to safe practice, safe care and optimal patient outcomes. The Position Statement webpage includes ENA Position Statements, ENA Joint Statements, ENA Supported Statements and Archived Position Statements.

Toolkits– A collection of information, resources, education, forms, links and other valuable material that may assist an individual to champion a project or implement a program.

Topic Briefs– Informational documents that provide detailed information on a given subject of importance to safe practice and safe care.

White Papers– A type of report that is distinctive in terms of purpose, audience and organization.