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Every day, in thousands of emergency departments across the globe, nurses do amazing things and often without the recognition they deserve. To celebrate all emergency nurses for their hard work, perseverance and indelible impact on society, ENA is proud to partner with filmmaker Carolyn Jones on the Emergency Nurse Project – a full-length documentary which takes an up-close, personal look at this special group of health care professionals.

Press Release

Learn about ENA’s partnership with Carolyn Jones Production will make the Emergency Nurse Project come alive.

Renowned Documentarian

Carolyn Jones has spent the last seven years interviewing, photographing and filming nurses across America, traveling to places facing some of the nation’s biggest public health issues. Her feature documentaries include The American Nurse, which was featured in the U.S. State Department’s American Film Showcase, and Defining Hope, recently broadcast over 1,000 times on PBS stations nationwide. Learn more about Carolyn Jones.

Premiere Update

The scheduled premiere of the “In Case of Emergency” documentary film on May 7 in New York City will be postponed until Oct. 14 to coincide with Emergency Nurses Week. This creates an exciting opportunity for an even bigger public debut of the film. Keep an eye out in the coming weeks and months for more information about upcoming plans.

Dates and Locations

  • In Case of Emergency World Premiere – Wednesday, October 14, 2020

Sponsorship Opportunities

For 50 years, the Emergency Nurses Association has recognized, supported and celebrated this remarkable group of healthcare professionals. Now you can join us in honoring the emergency nursing profession and the local communities who receive the incredible dedication of emergency nurses in their local healthcare facilities.


Sponsorships are available to select organizations who want to be part of this special honor to the emergency nursing profession and position themselves as a key part of emergency nursing today and into the future.  We offer several levels of sponsorship that will enable you to garner recognition on Emergency Nurse Project events, social media, and website platforms. 


To learn more about these sponsorship opportunities, please contact Steve Rabeor at 847-460-4041 or steve.rabeor@ena.org

Throughout 2020, ENA will be conducting a series of screening of In Case of Emergency and coming in May, our worldwide premiere.  ENA wishes to thank these sponsors for their generous support of these events.  



ENA and Carolyn Jones Productions are proud to share the next in a series of clips from the upcoming Emergency Nurse Project film.

Emergency nurses have a unique opportunity to look beyond the result of gun violence and help address the root of the problem in their community.

Domestic violence is a worldwide issue, and emergency nurses are often the first to see victims. It becomes even more difficult for health care providers in small communities when they know the victims on a personal level.

Preventing workplace violence against emergency nurses has long been an ENA priority and, on May 22, 2019, ENA and its member spoke to lawmakers in Washington, D.C., about the epidemic of assaults and attacks on ED nurses.

Family Presence can be a critical issue within the Emergency Department. Learn from one nurses experience with family presence.