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ENA Culture

ENA employees comprise a team driven to achieve excellence through professionalism, empowerment, and balance.

This not only defines the culture we strive to build and maintain, but also provides us with guidance for decision making, communication, and collaboration. The following three elements of the ENA culture serve as a roadmap for our actions.

We exemplify professionalism through the use of professional communication methods, customer service fundamentals, appearance, and respectful interactions.

We are all empowered to make recommendations, raise concerns, solicit feedback, and develop plans to accomplish our work. We balance that empowerment with the guidance and support of our supervisors and teams. No one individual bears the burden to make decisions that impact ENA strategically or financially, or that impact the workload of others without discussion with supervisors and other leaders.

This is the core fundamental that touches all aspects. We need to balance the personal with the professional, the commitment to work with the ability to rest and recharge, and the empowerment to accomplish our work with the guidance and mentorship to grow.

Together, these fundamentals help us maintain an enjoyable workplace and a manageable work–life balance.


Core Values Statement

In the spirit of innovation and excellence, the employees of ENA pledge to exemplify integrity, quality, and loyalty with respect to work, members, and coworkers. 

ENA employees foster a supportive and cultivating work environment that inspires teamwork and cooperation, and promotes pride, trust, a strong work ethic, and an appreciation and respect for each other’s talents, ideas, and differences.

These values are the foundation that motivates ENA employees to be the best they can be for themselves, the people they work with, and those they serve.

We at ENA commit to develop and administer effective employment policies and practices to maintain and enhance employee engagement. We believe in investing in professional development and engaging staff in new and exciting projects allowing them to grow their skillset.

The key to effective work relationships must be continuous communication and involvement, which encourages employees to seek information, make recommendations, or bring to management’s attention any condition or situation which may be of concern.


ENA provides a wide-array of competitive benefits to employees. We offer a number of choices including many employer-paid and voluntary benefits designed to give you the flexibility to meet your individual or family’s financial and healthcare needs.

Medical Insurance
ENA is pleased to provide quality coverage options at a reasonable cost to our employees. Our goal is to ensure we have the appropriate healthcare plan portfolio to help employees make choices and manage healthcare expenses in a way that meets their needs

In partnership with Blue Cross and Blue Shield of Illinois, we offer a broad range of medical plans including four different PPO options with varying levels of deductibles, and an HMO plan. Employees have the flexibility to decide which level of coverage is best suited for their family. 

Dental Insurance
Employees interested in dental insurance may choose a PPO or HMO plan.

ENA Employees_8_body_400Vision Insurance
ENA offers comprehensive vision insurance through VSP.

Life and Disability Insurance
ENA pays for basic life and accidental death and dismemberment (AD&D) insurance for our employees and their families, along with short and long-term disability insurance which are designed to provide income protection while recovering from a disability.

Retirement Plans
ENA offers both traditional and Roth 401(k) retirement plans, in which the company matches up to 4% of an employee’s deferral. ENA also contributes an additional 5-7% each year, based upon the association’s overall financial performance.

Continuing Education/Professional Development
We believe learning is a lifelong process and support our employee’s pursuit in continuing their education and offer Tuition Reimbursement for undergraduate and graduate degrees and in addition, an Education and Computer Loan program to help facilitate the process in pursuing their education and personal betterment.

Paid Time Off
During the first year of employment, exempt employees accrue 15 days of paid time off per year, and non-exempt employees accrue 10 days per year. Each employee earns an additional eight hours for each year of service up to 40 additional hours. Furthermore, employees accrue 12 sick days per year, and 4 personal days, and 10 paid holidays.

Additional Benefits
We have additional work-life programs to help support our employee population. These programs provide staff with a more flexible work environment while meeting the needs of ENA. This includes our employee assistance program, work at home arrangements, and other opportunities to participate in a variety of healthy lifestyle activities.

open_positions_body_400Open Positions

Nursing Education Specialist

ENA is calling all experienced ED educators who can translate emergency nursing evidence-based practice by developing and disseminating innovative educational products. The Nursing Education Specialist is responsible for the content review and development of educational products and practice resources to ensure clinical accuracy and relevance to emergency nursing practice, as well as consistency among ENA educational offerings.

Lead Nurse Planner

ENA is calling all licensed registered nurses with accreditation experience to ensure that ENA adheres to the ANCC accreditation criteria for all operational aspects of approving and providing continuing nursing education activities. The Lead Nurse Planner will oversee the operations of the organization as a Provider and Approver Unit, and may also serve as a Nursing Education Specialist for some projects.