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The Emergency Nurses association encourages everyone - including all health care providers - to refer to and follow the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention regarding COVID-19.

 Clinical Topics and Resources

Below are a variety of resources for emergency health care providers to ensure their own safety, stay up-to-date on guidelines and inform the community of this infectious disease. For all updates regarding ENA events, membership, courses and more, please click here. To learn how to support each other or ask for support from those in your community, click here.

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COVID-19 Clinical Resources

Vaccine Development and Distribution

Community/Patient Resources

Government Relations & Advocacy

Emergency Response & Volunteer Opportunities


International Resources

General ENA COVID-19 Resources


National and Consensus Guidelines

PPE, Supplies, Staffing

Airway & Resuscitation Management: Ventilators, ARDS, Prone Positioning


ENA has recorded the following short audio micro-learning clips to educate emergency nurses about various COVID-19 related topics. Tune in to each to learn more.

COVID-19 Infographics

ENA has created the following infographics to provide brief education on COVID-19 related topics. Click on each image to enlarge.



ENA Podcast | COVID-19 Episodes

Episodes 22 and 26 of the ENA Podcast focus on COVID-19. Episode 22 features a discussion with ENA member and Program Director for Serious Communicable Diseases at Emory University Hospital Sharon Vanairsdale. In "Information About the 2019 Novel Coronavirus (2019-nCoV)" Sharon discusses what health care workers need to know; how hand hygiene is one of the most important risk-mitigating factors; remembering to identify, isolate, inform; refresher training for PPE and more. Creator of The Burnout Book Anna Rodriguez joins in episode 26 to share helpful information about stress and burnout during the ongoing pandemic.


ENA Updates

Stay tuned to this section for updates from ENA.

#ENATogether with Mike Hastings Virtual Town Hall | May 29

Watch the recording of ENA's second #ENATogether with Mike Hasatings Virtual Town Hall recording from May 29. ENA President Mike Hastings leads the discussion and Q&A regarding various topics related to the ongoing COVID-19 pandemic.