External Research Opportunities

The mission of the ENA Department of Emergency Nursing Research (ENR) is to conduct and facilitate research and research activities for ENA and its members to support evidence-based practices for emergency nursing and emergency care. Hence, we are pleased to further facilitate research by providing opportunities for emergency nurses to conduct and participate in research external to ENA’s initiatives.


Current Research Participation Opportunities: General and COVID19-related

The research opportunities provided here have been reviewed and approved by the ENR Deprtment as being applicable to current emergency nursing practice. Please note that the studies listed are not sponsored or endorsed by ENA. Questions, concerns, or comments about any individual study should be directed to the study’s principal investigator.

General Studies

Study 1: The Attitudes, Confidence, Interest, and Experiences of Emergency Nurses Caring for Homeless Populations: A Mixed Methods Study

Study 2: Caring for Pediatric Behavioral Health Patients in the ED

Study 3:  Moral Injury Among Nurses: Stories of Fractured Hearts & Wounded Souls

Study 4: A Nationwide Study of Emergency Department Nurses’ Acute Coronary Syndrome Symptom Knowledge and Triage Decisions

Study 5: Nurse Acceptance of Ultrasound-Guided Peripheral IV Insertion Technology

Study 6: Patient Prejudice Toward Nurses

Study 7: Unintended Consequences of the Electronic Health Record and Cognitive Load in Emergency Department Nurses



COVID-19 Studies

Study 1: Alcohol and Circadian Disruption in Shift Workers Decrease their Resiliency to COVID-19


Requirements for Posting Study Links

  1. You must be an ENA Member. Join Now!
    • COVID-19 research: PIs can ask to have this requirement waived.
  2. The ENA Department of Emergency Nursing Research must approve the study before the link can be posted.
  3. All study-related materials must be submitted to ENR@ena.org for approval. The subject line of the email should read as “External Research Request”.
  4. The following information and materials MUST be submitted to ENA:
    • Start and end dates for the link to be posted. Unless stated otherwise, a) the start date will be within one calendar week after approval has been granted, and b) the end date will be no greater than three months from the start date.
    • All surveys that will be used in the study.
    • The full research proposal that including a description of how subjects’ confidentiality will be maintained.
    • The study cover letter.
    • Institutional Review Board (IRB) approval letter.
    • The consent form (if applicable).
    • The link(s) to the study.
  5. Approvals are generally completed within one calendar week. An email will be sent to you confirming your approval once your link has been posted to the ENA Web site.
  6. All study links are posted to this page and are listed in alphabetical order by study title. No other study information will be listed on the ENA Web site.
  7. Marketing research studies are not eligible for posting to this site.

Questions? Contact ENR@ena.org or (847) 460-4119.


Publication of Study Findings

All researchers are encouraged to submit their findings for publication in the Journal of Emergency Nursing.


ENA Foundation

The ENA Foundation is excited to offer research grant opportunities and scholarships to advance the specialized practice of emergency nursing. For more information, visit www.enafoundation.org.