Emergency Nurse Residency Program

ENA launched a fully developed residency program to help improve nursing competence for new ED nurses. The all-new Emergency Nurse Residency Program will deliver the education and resources needed to improve decision-making skills, clinical judgement, and sociocultural acclimation to the ED. This comprehensive program includes research-informed ED-specific education with case studies and simulations, preceptor and coach training, self-directed case studies , and ED violence prevention education. The program also includes supportive education for nurse educators to help them implement everything.

The Emergency Nurse Residency Program is designed to:

  • Fill the critical thinking gap for new ED nurses approximately 73% of ED nurses viewed critical thinking as the No. 1 skill gap for a new ED nurse *
  • Promote higher staff retention rates and employee satisfaction scores through proper training and orientation
  • Help save costs associated with recruiting and onboarding replacement staff
  • Eliminate the time, effort, and cost to research and create a homegrown program
  • Assist in reducing new nurse turnover

* Based on the May 2019 HumRRO study

Program Features:

  • Helps transition new ED nurses or transition-to-practice nurses to competent ED nurses
  • Improves critical thinking and, communication, and helps develop problem-solving skills
  • Builds confidence in clinical practice and skills
  • Fosters collaboration among nursing management, nursing educators, other hospital units, and hospital administration throughout the implementation of the program
  • Promotes active engagement in the program for all participants
  • Provides tools and resources to strengthen resiliency and self-care
  • Effectively trains preceptors and emphasizes the importance of their continued involvement in the program
  • Includes workplace violence prevention education and tools to recognize and mitigate all types of violence

Program Reviews:

“I will say I see a huge difference between residents who went through the program and those that did not.” - Educator

“The program layout is great.  It is a good progression to see how it fits together and not to feel overwhelmed.“ - Resident

“I feel like we are setting orientees up for long term success.” - Preceptor


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