The Unparalleled Power of Industry Learning

This premier learning experience provides ENA members new opportunities to engage with the innovative solutions, thought leadership and skills training provided by our global partners.

ENA’s powerful partnerships with leading industry organizations give ENA members even more value. ENA has joined forces with these leaders to create the ENA University Industry Learning Lab, which is designed to keep emergency nursing at the forefront of improved patient care through unprecedented access to innovative solutions, thought leadership, and skills training from around the globe.

Together with industry partners, ENA will pioneer ED nursing education, drive innovation and create the next generation of ED nursing professionals to keep ahead of the increasing health care needs of today’s patients. These global partnerships provide ENA University users with a uniquely collaborative educational experience (free to ENA members!) fueled by industry partner content.

As Only ENA Can

As the leader in ED nursing education and advocacy, only ENA can leverage the strength of its professional partnerships to provide dynamic content that ensures ED nurses are respected for setting the standards in quality patient care and patient satisfaction.

Our collaborations are focused on the future, striving for innovation and making certain the ED nursing profession continuously improves the health of today’s patients, anticipates what’s next, and pioneers the next generation of ED nursing excellence.


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