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ENA University provides exceptional value to ENA members through exclusive access to free education, resources and the all-new career pathways. ENA University streamlines member access to nearly everything ENA has to offer, while introducing dynamic new programs and offerings that raise the bar to deliver customized experiences for self-directed and career-development learning.


ENA offers the cornerstone courses – ENPC® and TNCC® – to guide every emergency nursing career.

ENPC emphasizes the importance of accurately assessing a child with acute illness or injury. The course is designed to provide the core-level pediatric knowledge and skills needed to properly assess and implement evidence-based interventions to improve outcomes for this high-risk patient population. TNCC prepares emergency nurses for life-threatening trauma cases when every second counts. The course gives you the knowledge, critical thinking skills and hands-on training needed to provide high-quality trauma nursing care.

ENA believes completing ENPC and TNCC are vitally important steps for a nurse to reach the competent level. These core programs, along with Clinical Practice-Competent Pathway courses, provide the tools for nurses to grow more proficient in their skills.

ENPC and TNCC provide foundational adult and pediatric education for the competent pathway programs to build upon so an emergency nurse can provide care with confidence.

Emergency Nursing Pediatric Course (ENPC)

The premier emergency nursing pediatric course for nurses and hospitals worldwide. Emergency care of a pediatric patient requires special knowledge and skills – prepare yourself by taking ENPC.

Trauma Nursing Core Course (TNCC)

The premier trauma nursing course for nurses and hospitals worldwide. Every second counts when stabilizing life-threatening trauma cases – prepare yourself by taking TNCC.

Emergency Severity Index

The Emergency Severity Index - ESI - is a five-level emergency department triage program focused on improving the assessment of patient acuity.


With the elderly patient population on the rise, it is more important than ever for nurses to be prepared to treat older adults in emergency situations.

CEN Resources

ENA offers resources designed to help emergency nurses prepare for the CEN exam. Both the CEN Online Review 3.0 and the CEN Review Manual were created by nurses with experience passing the exam.

Additional Courses

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ENA University is here to meet emergency nurses' professional development needs from orientation to advanced practice.