ENA’s Triage Offerings

Experience, time constraints, environmental conditions, interruptions and bias are some of the factors that lead to inaccurate triage.

The Emergency Nurses Association recognizes that rapid and accurate triage decisions are important for successful emergency department operations and optimal patient outcomes. To ensure every ED patient gets the right care at the right time, ENA is focused on supporting and guiding emergency nurses as they overcome the challenges they face with triage.

From the Emergency Severity Index, partners in research including Mednition, to the newly acquired Triage First™ curriculum, ENA provides a continuum of triage education for nurses of all experience levels.

“There is no dispute – being able to quickly and accurately triage every person who arrives in the emergency department sets the tone for delivering the best care possible to patients when they need us most.” - 2021 ENA President Ron Kraus, MSN, RN, EMT, CEN, ACNS-BC, TCRN

Emergency Severity Index Education

Since 1998, ESI has been the leading triage resource relied upon by nearly every emergency nurse in the United States to assess patient acuity based on their presentation in the emergency department and the expected level of care they will require. ESI is currently used by approximately 80 percent of U.S. hospitals.

ESI is a five-level, emergency department triage program relied upon by nurses to assess patient acuity based on their presentation in the ED and the expected level of care the patient will require.

ENA’s ESI Training Courses

Choose from adult and/or pediatric online courses to learn methods and best practices to properly utilize the ESI model to better identify patients who should be seen first while prioritizing the care of patients with less emergent conditions through engaging, interactive modules


ENA Triage Curriculum


Coming soon in 2022! The all-new ENA Triage Curriculum is a series of courses designed to build a base of triage knowledge for the emergency department nurse. Register to attend this free webinar to learn more! Two time slots available.

Triage First Curriculum


Widely trusted by emergency nurses and newly acquired by ENA, Triage First™ offers a suite of courses that go beyond the basic of assessment training to expand a nurse base of knowledge, while incorporating an empathetic approach to patient care. The ED Triage Comprehensive Curriculum™ addresses every facet and function of emergency department triage with an evidence-based, best practice, systematic approach.

About the curriculum:

  • Includes an eight-course series and their respective courses.
  • Incorporates an approach to patient triage that goes beyond initial assessment classifications.
  • The Triage First technique provides a transfer of in-depth knowledge that naturally would take a nurse many years to acquire through experience alone.
  • Has a proven methodology and historical value based on a 24-year history of education, scaling to large health care systems.

Triage First products and curriculum are accessible on its website. Contact hours for Triage First will expire on Sept. 15. Existing customers are encouraged to complete the course(s) as soon as possible to be eligible to claim the contact hours. Access to the Triage First courses will fully expire on Dec. 31. Click one of the options below to access/purchase Triage First education. 

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AI and Triage


ENA partnered with Silicon Valley-based Mednition to focus on research and the machine learning technology, KATE, to improve ESI triage accuracy.

About KATE
Real-time AI notifies triage nurses to anomalies in care that merit a second look. KATE combines clinical expertise and learnings informed by more than 10 billion data points to predict the acuity of emergency triage patients. KATE works within existing workflows and with any EHR.

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