The Emergency Nurses Association conducts original research to advance excellence in emergency care. Summarized below are the research priorities and accomplishments which are driven by salient issues related to clinical care, input from ENA committees and General Assembly resolutions. The research trajectory currently includes three main lines of inquiry - shown on the table below - that establish a body of evidence to support emergency nursing practice through improvements in nurse wellness, delivery of effective patient care, and safer workplaces.

ENA’s research portfolio impacts the emergency nursing specialty through: 1) educational content that includes online courses and practice resources such as toolkits, topic briefs and infographics; 2) policy guidelines and legislative advocacy at the local, regional and national levels; 3) conference presentations, workshops and peer-reviewed publications; and 4) grants and fellowships made available through the ENA Foundation.



Workplace Health


Goal: Identify and promote evidence-based recommendations to support and sustain a healthy emergency nursing workforce and ED work environment


YearsResearch Priorities
Selected Outcome and Accomplishments
2009-2022 ED Workplace Violence
  • Multi-year surveillance surveys on violence against nurses 
  • Research on nurse bullying 
  • Model of emergency nurse bullying 
2010-2018Staffing of Emergency Nurses in U.S. EDs
2014-2015Emergency Nurse Fatigue
  • Foundational research that supported studies on nurse bullying and decision fatigue at triage
  • Peer-reviewed journal publication
2017-2021ED Workplace Culture and Environment
  • Firearm injury risk assessment and safety
  • Impact of cannabis-related ED visits
  • Occurrence of STS and PTSD during the Covid-19 pandemic


Behavioral Health (BH)


Goal: Provide knowledge and evidence-based guidance and education aimed to improve care and health outcomes for patients with BH emergencies


YearsResearch PrioritiesSelected Outcomes and Accomplishments
2008-2020Assessment and Treatment Patients with Harmful and Addictive Substance Use
  • Peer-reviewed publication (SBIRT)
  • Position statements (ENA, ENA & IntNSA)
  • Webinar on MAT for Opioid Misuse/Addiction
2010-2020Suicide Risk Assessment 
2012-2021Managing BH Emergencies
2010-2022Advanced Practice Registered Nurses
  • NP competencies development
  • Peer-reviewed publication
  • ENA-NACNS collaborative survey of CNS competencies and practices (in press)




Provide time-sensitive evidence to support ENA members in areas other than workplace or behavioral health.


OngoingTopics that fall outside of the above two lines of inquiry, generated by general assembly resolutions, national initiatives, and/or collaborations with other organizations.