Research at ENA

ENA is the only nursing association that is engaged in developing and delivering  its own research. ENA's Emergency Nursing Research team conducts and facilitates research to support evidence-based practice specific to emergency nursing and to overall emergency care. The team's initiatives start and end at the stretcherside in alignment with ENA's strategic plan to further the specialty.


ENA Research Priorities and Contributions to Emergency Nursing


Emergency Nursing Research



Current Research Initiatives

The ENA Research Team, along with the Emergency Nursing Research Advisory Council, continually assess the pulse of research needs in the specialty. This overview highlights the studies currently being conducted and those in development.

External Research Opportunity

Your emergency nursing colleagues seek your participation in their independent research. This page is regularly updated with a series of research participation options in an a la carte style.

ENDVR Fellowship

The Emergency Nursing Diverse Voices Research Fellowship program seeks to support and mentor beginning researchers who are members of underrepresented communities.

Call for ePosters

Posters are an excellent way to gain experience with conference presentations. They are also a valuable avenue for any level of researcher for broad dissemination of research.