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Why ENA Foundation

When you give to the ENA Foundation, you contribute to more than just a scholarship or research grant. You’re fueling the future of emergency nursing — and the nurses who saves lives.

You help students obtain their nursing degree during a time when the ED is seen as a safety net in communities around the world. You make it possible for nurses to make an impact — from helping set health policy and best practice, to performing research or teaching at a university on some of the biggest challenges in emergency care. You also make it possible for nurses to attend the largest emergency nursing conference where they can share new knowledge with their colleagues and inspire positive change.

About ENA Foundation

Established in 1991, the ENA Foundation is a 501(c)(3) tax-exempt organization with a mission to provide educational scholarships and research grants in the discipline of emergency nursing. Since 2009, the ENA Foundation has provided over $3.7 million in scholarships and grants to over 1,800 emergency health care professionals..

COVID-19 Relief Fund

In 2020, the ENA Foundation began the COVID-19 Relief Fund program supporting emergency nurses with relief funding amid the coronavirus pandemic. Emergency nurses are still needed on the front line, and ENA and the ENA Foundation are dedicated to helping our emergency nurses through this challenging time. The ENA Foundation has reached the limits of the current available funding for the COVID-19 Rapid Relief Grant program. Foundation staff continues to fundraise so that we can continue to offer this vital grant. Please add your name and contact info to be notified when applications reopen.


How You Can Help

To help us continue to fund the future of emergency nursing, please consider making a recurring annual gift to the ENA Foundation. Whether for an academic scholarship, research grant or endowment, your contribution makes a difference in the lives of emergency nurses and the patients in their care.

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ENStrong Fundraising Challenge

Let's help make sure emergency nurses stay ENStrong!

ENA Foundation scholarships and grants are the fuel that help emergency nurses further their education and improve their practice. Your gift is an investment in the advancement of patient care. With your help, we can provide nurses with the tools to save lives. Donate to the future of emergency nurses through May 31.

Help us reach our $250,000 goal for 2021. Donate to the future of emergency nurses.


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ENA Foundation education scholarships provide support to individuals and emergency nurses seeking to grow their knowledge and enhance patient care. In 2020, thanks to your generous contributions, the ENA Foundation raised more than $440,000 in scholarship funding that will be  award in 2021. The Foundation is a dedicated resource for nurses seeking education at every level.

The submission period for International Conference Scholarship is now closed. Thanks to all who applied.

The submission period for ENA Academic Scholarships is open March 1 through April 30.

Deadline Extension: The submission period for Conference Scholarships for U.S. applicants ends April 26.

This year’s dynamic conference will deliver CNE hours and high-quality emergency nursing content driven to support your advancement. Whether you are a student, a nurse early in your career, or a seasoned nurse looking for advanced education, EN21 has education and learning opportunities for every level. Visit ena.org/EN21 for more information.

Scholarships 2020 Scholarship and Grant Awardees

Research Grants

The ENA Foundation is pleased to offer research grant funding to encourage the development of evidence-based care that promotes quality outcomes for individuals, families, communities, and health care systems. Contribute to the advancement of emergency nursing and apply for a research grant. Research grants can be used as part of a degree program and can help shape health policy in direct patient care, within emergency departments, and at the local, state, and federal levels. 

ENA Foundation/Sigma Theta Tau International, Inc. (Sigma)

The ENA Foundation and Sigma Theta Tau International, Inc. (Sigma) have combined resources to offer an annual research grant of up to $6,000 for research that will advance the specialized practice of emergency nursing.

The submission period for the ENA Foundation/Sigma Theta Tau International, Inc. (Sigma) Grant begins Feb. 22 and ends April 2.

Funding for this research grant is provided equally by the ENA Foundation and Sigma Theta Tau International, Inc. (Sigma).

EMF/ENAF Health Disparities Research Grant

The Emergency Medicine Foundation, and the ENA Foundation, have partnered to offer an annual research grant of $50,000 for research that will advance the evidence base on health disparities in emergency health care.

The submission period is now closed. Thank you to all those who submitted an application for consideration for the grant award

ENA Foundation Seed Grants

New to research? Working on a project that needs a financial boost? The ENA Foundation offers $500 seed grants that can help you take the next step in your emergency nursing research and open the door to future funding.

The 2021 ENA Foundation Seed Grants submission period is Sept. 13 through Oct. 18. Be sure to review the complete Eligibility and Submission Guidelines before you prepare your application for submission.


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