ENA Announces Support for Biden Administration Vaccine Plan

October 13, 2021 COVID-19 Emergency Nurses Association Emergency Nurses Week Vaccination

SCHAUMBURG, Ill. (Oct. 13, 2021)Emergency Nurses Association President Ron Kraus released the following statement on Wednesday – Emergency Nurses Day – announcing the association’s support for the Biden Administration’s Vaccination Plan.

From the outset of the COVID-19 pandemic, emergency nurses have seen firsthand the worst of what this virus has brought into our nation’s hospitals. The crushing number of emergency department patients, the death and the ongoing stress of this public health crisis has pushed us to our limits for nearly two years – and it continues to take a toll on the mental health and well-being of ED nurses.

The relentlessness of this pandemic has led many highly trained nurses – experienced clinicians who are passionate about patient care – to leave the bedside. Emergency departments that are overcrowded and short-staffed challenge the ability of emergency nurses to be there for patients when they need us most.

We are tired and frustrated because the solution is within our grasp. Scientists and health experts agree increased COVID-19 vaccination rates represent the best route to ending this pandemic, saving countless lives and improving overall public health in this country.

These reasons are at the root of ENA’s support for the vaccine mandate plan recently introduced by the Biden Administration. Taken as a whole, this plan represents a move that puts the country on track to reduce COVID-19 case numbers, especially those requiring hospitalization, and lessens this public health crisis’ impact on overwhelmed emergency departments around the country.

ENA has strongly encouraged vaccinations since the first vaccines received Emergency Use Authorization from the FDA in late 2020 and, in July, the association signed on to a statement with dozens of other organizations in support of employer-based vaccine mandates for health care workers.

ENA’s support for the mandate plan takes into account current case data that indicates new cases and hospitalizations have predominantly been among the unvaccinated. The mandate also reups on the need for all health care workers to be vaccinated, a move ENA has previously supported publicly.

Further, ENA also takes into consideration a National Safety Council report released in late September that indicates employers have seen increases in staff vaccinations after implementing their own mandates.

ENA recognizes there will be continued debate on particular aspects of the mandate plan, but there should be no debate or controversy around the fact ED nurses and all front-line health care workers need help. The vaccine mandate plan can be the tool that helps turn the corner needed to end this pandemic.

For nearly two decades, nursing has been voted as the most trusted profession, a distinction emergency nurses are extremely proud to hold. If there was ever a time to have faith in what nurses have to say, it is now. Hear our stories about what COVID is doing to patients. Hear our concerns if this pandemic does not abate. Hear our #EducateToVaccinate call so that, together, we can end this pandemic.”

- 2021 ENA President Ron Kraus, MSN, RN, EMT, CEN, ACNS-BC, TCRN

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