Recruitment Campaigns


  • Member Recruitment Kits
  • ENA Member Services has everything you need for a successful recruitment campaign. Call us at 800 / 900-9659, between 8:30 am and 5:00 pm (CT), Monday through Friday to a supply of member recruitment brochures. The newly developed recruitment brochure outlines the benefit of membership by providing details on ENA products and services. Let us know where and when you will be holding your recruitment program and we’ll make sure you have the materials you need free of charge.
  • Group Membership
  • Gather a group of five or more new members, and save money on your membership dues.  Call Member Services today at 800 / 900-9659, Monday-Friday, 8:30 am to 5:00 pm (CT), to see if you qualify for a group membership.
  • A group must consist of five or more new members.


  • Group memberships must be pre-approved and accompanied by an authorization letter for all applications to be eligible for the discount rate.


  • Group discount rate applies to registered nurses only.