August 22, 2007

Dear TNCC 6th edition National Rollout Session attendees:

Thank you for your participation in the TNCC 6th edition National Rollout Session. We appreciate your feedback and involvement. As promised, we have developed the following reference material for you to refer to regarding your upcoming state rollouts and the transition to the 6th edition.

TNCC 6th edition Provider Manual

  1. The new TNCC 6th edition Provider Manual is available for purchase and shipment. The price of the Provider Manual is $45.00. An errata sheet will be enclosed with each manual. It is also now available on the ENA Web site.
  2. Instructors may order their own TNCC 6th edition Provider Manuals; however we would encourage them to check first with their State Council to see if the manuals have already been ordered in bulk for instructor attendees at the state rollout sessions.

TNCC 6th edition Instructor Supplement
  1. TNCC 6th edition Instructor Supplement will be available for purchase and shipment by October 1, 2007. We will alert you when we can begin accepting orders. The price of the Instructor Supplement is $47.50. A separate instructor manual is no longer needed � the instructor course material previously in the instructor manual is now included in the Instructor Supplement.
  2. Initially only National TNCC Rollout attendees may purchase Instructor Supplements. They may purchase the Instructor Supplements in advance for the instructors they plan to update but should not distribute them to each individual instructor until the instructor has successfully passed the update course.
  3. Alternatively, if the Instructor Supplements are not provided at the completion of the update course, an Instructor who has successfully completed the course will receive a TNCC Instructor Supplement Order Form from the Course Director of the update course. The instructor must use the Form to purchase the Instructor Supplement directly from ENA Course Operations. The Course Director will have copies of the Form in the update folder on the Paperwork CD-ROM provided to updaters.

Instructor Update courses within the states

  1. ONLY those who attended a National TNCC 6th edition Rollout session can update other TNCC Instructors. The only portion of a state update course that does not have to be overseen by a national TNCC Rollout session attendee is proctoring of the written test.
  2. TNCC 6th edition Instructor update courses cannot be held prior to October 1, 2007. Update courses must be completed by April 30, 2008.
  3. The 6th edition TNCC course-related materials, such as the Skill Station Demo DVD and Slides and Paperwork CD-ROM will be available for shipment by October 1, 2007, and will immediately ship to all National Update session attendees. In addition, the DVD of Day One of the National Rollouts will be shipped at the same time.
  4. In order for a TNCC Instructor to reverify his or her Provider status at a state rollout of the TNCC 6th edition, the TNCC Instructor must pass the new written 6th edition TNCC provider exam with at least 80%, and the Trauma Nursing Process (TNP) skill station with at least 70%.
  5. If the TNCC Instructor passes the TNP skill station, but not the written exam, he or she may retake the written exam once. If the Instructor passes the written exam, but not the TNP skill station, he or she may retest once. If the instructor does not pass the written exam AND does not pass the TNP skill station, he or she may not retake the written exam or retest at the TNP skill station.
  6. Although the Airway and Ventilation Interventions and Spinal Protection skill stations are not tested stations, instructors must provide a return demonstration of both stations during the update course.
  7. A current TNCC provider who has passed the 5th edition TNCC Instructor course but has not yet been monitored as an Instructor Candidate must:
  8. Be monitored teaching in a 5th edition Provider course; and then
  9. Attend an Instructor update course to the 6th edition, which includes reverifying his or her 6th edition Provider status at that time.
  10. All National Rollout attendees� names, cities, states, and email addresses will be listed on ENA�s Web site to facilitate the sharing of resources for state updates. Place your cursor over the blue menu bar for �CATN II/ENPC/TNCC� and select �Directors Only�. User Name is �corsops�. Password is �slides2652�. IF YOU DO NOT WANT YOUR INFORMATION POSTED, you must contact Maureen Howard at or 800 900-9659, extension 4010 no later than Tuesday, August 28, 2007.

    5th and 6th edition TNCC Provider courses

    1. TNCC 6th edition Provider courses cannot be held prior to October 1, 2007.
    2. In recognition of the time it will take to update the entire instructor base, the 5th edition Provider course may continue to be held through April 30, 2008. After that date, only the 6th edition Provider course may be taught. The TNCC application available on the ENA Web site has been updated to allow you to clarify whether you are teaching the 5th edition or 6th edition course. Please make sure to complete this portion of the application.

      Administrative Procedures

    3. The comment period regarding the new Administrative Procedures ended August 15th. The Course Administration Faculty will review the feedback and finalize the Procedures for implementation on October 1, 2007.
    4. The requirement that prior to the beginning of an Instructor course, all attendees must reverify their Provider status will remain the same in the new Administrative Procedures. However, you should be aware that a new option was put in place earlier this summer; that is, any participant who does not score high enough to participate in the Instructor course, but does score between 80 and 88%, may renew his/her provider status.

    In order to renew the provider status, the Course Director must include with the instructor course materials:

    a separate Provider summary performance report with that participant listed;
    the participant�s Course Evaluation/Multiple-choice Examination answer sheet; and
    payment for the $60 provider course indirect fee.

    ENA Course Operations will automatically assign a new Provider course number upon receipt of the performance report and payment. ENA Course Operations will send the provider card directly to the participant.

    We hope you find this document helpful. If you have any questions about rollout, please contact Maureen Howard at 847-460-4010 or We will also continue to monitor for your questions or concerns.

    Donna Massey
    Maureen Howard