May 2014


The TNCC Instructor Update modules became available to all current TNCC Instructors on February 24th. It is important to study the TNCC 7th edition Provider Manual prior to taking the test.

Orders for the 7th edition Provider Manuals can be placed by utilizing the instructor order form on the website in the TNCC 6th edition Instructor team site, located at or through the Course Director’s access to eCourseOps, by emailing, or by calling Course Operations at 800-942-0011.

Currently just over 2400 TNCC Instructors have taken the TNCC update test, with a 98.9% pass rate. We are very impressed with the results and would like to encourage the balance of current TNCC Instructors to study and take the update long before the cutoff date of June 30, 2014. (International dates do vary.)

Please remember that if you have an Instructor Candidate who took a 6th edition Instructor course, he/she will have to be monitored in a 6th edition Provider course. If you are having trouble finding a 6th edition course, contact Course Operations at the above email or phone number, to assist you in identifying 6th edition Provider courses. Once the Instructor Candidate has been monitored, he/she can then access and complete the update to the 7th edition.

Individual orders for the 7th edition Instructor Supplements can be submitted once you have passed the online update test, using the same methods as outlined above for ordering the Provider Manuals.

Please remember these dates:

All 6th edition TNCC Instructors must be updated to 7th edition by: June 30, 2014
No TNCC 6th edition courses can be held after: June 30, 2014

International dates do vary.




We received feedback that the TNCC 7th edition Provider course agenda initially published created some confusion over the timing of the final written test and TNP evaluation testing. Therefore, a newly revised agenda has been posted to the Course Directors only section of the web, under the TNCC 7th edition Provider Course, Forms. The timing and process of testing the course participants has not changed from prior course versions.


All current 4th edition ENPC Course Directors received an email letter in April announcing newly revised ENPC exams. The exams are to be used in all future courses, and are available in the Course Directors only section of the web site. Thank you for all the valuable feedback we received.


Coursebytes has been quiet for a couple months as direct communications have gone out to both TNCC and ENPC Course Directors and Instructors. Please be sure that you are opening and reading all communications sent to you regarding the courses, whether they are sent directly or through Coursebytes.


Your Input is Welcome

Coursebytes is the official communication to all TNCC and ENPC Course Directors and Instructors. Topic ideas for future issues and feedback are welcome at If you know of any Instructor or Course Director who should be receiving this email but is not, please ask them to email us at with their name, current home address and home and work email addresses.