August 2011 Forty Fourth Edition



ENA has recently informed all ENPC course directors of the updated timeline for the 4th edition of ENPC. Due to unforeseen circumstances, the rollout is now scheduled for the 4th quarter of 2012. We understand your disappointment and concerns. We share them. Our commitment to a high quality product had to take priority over deadlines.

Our plan is to use this forum to provide regular updates on our progress, so you will know where we stand in the process. Currently, we are finishing the provider manual. The next step is completion of the lectures and instructor notes. Once that is finalized, we will begin the extensive process of validation of written exams, skills, teaching and testing stations. Look for more information in upcoming issues. Thank you all for your dedication to ENA courses.


Please plan to join us in the “What’s New at ENA” kiosk in the Exhibit Hall at Annual Conference, for our first public demonstration of a new online course management process. In response to your feedback, ENA has been working to develop this online system for our Course Directors. We have consulted with a Course Director Focus group, consisting of your peers, to provide an online system which will facilitate your course scheduling and management.

Here are some of the key features of Phase I of the new system:

  • Direct entry of online course applications. Your application is processed as soon as you submit it!
  • Immediate feedback related to instructor status, course number, invoices if needed.
  • “Cut and paste” an existing course into a new course application.
  • Ability to pay open invoices online, or reprint your invoice whenever you need it.
  • View full history of your courses and invoices
  • Manage your course online
  • Assign instructors to the course and update these assignments if changes are made.
  • Reschedule the course dates, or cancel a course.
  • Report actual number of students after course completion.


There are two online reports available to current Course Directors, State Trauma and Pediatric Chairpersons, as well as State Presidents. These reports have been available since August of 2009, but not all newer Course Directors may realize that they are available. The current instructors report will provide a list of all current instructors in your state, and the courses by state report will allow you to identify all courses scheduled in your state, within a time period you define.

To run the reports for your state, simply go to the ENA Web site and log in.

  • Once you have seen your name come up on the screen to acknowledge your login:
  • Click on the heading that says ‘Courses & Education’ and you will be directed to a new screen.
  • On the right hand side of this screen, under ‘Quicklinks’ you will find a link to ‘Course Reports’ that you must click on.
  • You will be directed to a new screen which lists the 2 reports available to you:
    Current Instructors Report
    Courses by State Report

Both reports require that you specify the course type (TNCC, ENPC, or CATN), the current version, and the state you would like the report to reflect. If, for example, you are a Course Director for TNCC only, you will not be able to choose ENPC or CATN. If you are a State Chair or State President, you will have access to any course type for both reports.

Note that on the ‘Current Instructors Report’ if you choose ‘yes’ under ‘Military only’ you will receive all instructors that teach in Military courses, regardless of what state they live in.

Note that on the ‘Courses by State Report’ if you check the box that says ‘Include Military’, your list of courses scheduled within the state will include Military courses.

Also, there is a link from the Course Directors Only area, under the heading "In This Section" on the left side of the screen, to the same page that lists the 2 available reports you can run.

Please feel free to call Course Operations at 800-942-0011 if you should have any questions regarding these reports.

Your Input is Welcome

Topic ideas for future issues and feedback are welcome at If you know of any Instructor or Course Director who should be receiving this email but is not, please ask them to email us at with their name, current home address and home and work email addresses.