Jean A. Proehl

Jean Proehl Jean A. Proehl, MN, RN, CEN, CPEN, FAEN
Cornish, NH
Candidate for Director
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Current Employment
Principal and Clinical Nurse Specialist, Proehl PRN, LLC, Cornish, NH
Per Diem Emergency Nurse and Life Support Instructor, Dartmouth-Hitchcock Medical Center, Lebanon, NH
Per Diem Emergency Nurse, Gifford Medical Center, Randolph, VT

Professional Credentials/Certifications
CEN; CPEN; TNCC Faculty; ENPC Faculty; ACLS Instructor; MOAB
BSN 1980 University of South Carolina, Columbia, SC
MN 1986 University of Washington, Seattle, WA


2011-12 Emergency Nursing Resources Work Group: Member, Chair
2009-10 Course Development for Underdeveloped Countries: Chair
2009 Clinical Practice Guidelines Work Group: Member
2006-08 Academy of Emergency Nursing Board: Chair-Elect, Chair
2006-07, 2009 President's Advisory Council: Member
2005-06 Awards Work Group: Chair
2001-04 ENPC/TNCC International Faculty: Member, Chair
2000 Elections Process Committee: Chair
2000 International Issues Work Group: Facilitator
2000 Immediate Past-President
1999 President
1998 President-Elect
1997 Secretary-Treasurer
1996-97 BCEN Board of Directors
1993-94 ENA Foundation: Trustee-at-Large
1993-96 Director-at-Large
1989-92 Trauma Nursing Committee: Member, Chair
1991-92 TNCC International Faculty: Member
1990-91 Trauma Special Interest Group: Chair
1983-87, 1989-92, 2002-04 General Assembly Delegate

State- New Hampshire
2011-13 Government Affairs Chair
2009-11 President
200-01 New England Regional Symposium: Program Chair
  Other - National ENA Awards
2007 Foundation Pillar Award
2006 President’s Award
2001 Judith Kelleher Award
1988 Education Award

Position Statement
What attribute is essential to enhance ENA’s mission of Safe Practice and Safe Care?

ENA will continue to be a vital and powerful influence in emergency care by ensuring the involvement of stretcher-side nurses at all levels of ENA activities. Grassroots members must be substantially and integrally involved in policy-making, planning for the direction of the Association, and the development of educational courses and resource materials
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Statement To The Membership
The importance of the members to the success of ENA cannot be overstated. We have arrived where we are today by virtue of grass-roots member involvement over the past 43 years. I believe that changes in the focus of ENA activities must be created with the input and approval of the members. The decision-making process must be transparent. Closed board meetings should be reserved for sensitive issues involving staff or members. If members are not privy to the discussions that precede decisions, they may not understand the rationale for these decisions. And, they are denied the opportunity to observe how individual board members feel about and speak to the issues. This also does a disservice to board members who lose the opportunity to address and debate topics in a public forum. Civilized and passionate debate is healthy. If eleven emergency nurses always agree, something is wrong.

Stretcher-side members must also be intimately involved in the creation and revision of educational products and resources. This is essential to maintain the quality of our products. We risk losing relevance if we lose the involvement of emergency nurses in the trenches.

Highly skilled and qualified ENA staff members are essential. They do the day-to-day work that keeps our organization moving forward. Working shoulder-to-shoulder with members, they can and have helped us accomplish great things. I believe they should be given the autonomy to perform their work in a supportive environment.

Why am I running for the Board when I have already served and have supported term limits in the past? Because I trust and respect the process by which term limits have been defeated. The delegates have confirmed that they believe ENA members can decide who they want to lead their organization without any further restrictions than those already present in the Bylaws. I have raised concerns about the current state of ENA. I have demonstrated the ability to lead and I am willing to do the work required to participate in resolving these concerns. I am willing to be part of the solution.


Conflict of Interest Disclosure

  • Elsevier: Nursing Advisory Board Member; Senior Clinical Reviewer, Mosby's Nursing Skills; book editor
  • Wolters Kluwer: Editor, Advanced Emergency Nursing Journal
  • Vidacare: consultant (ad hoc)
  • Spouse is an Ad Hoc statistical consultant to Ironwood and Olympus

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