Robyn R. Larkin

Robyn Larkin Robyn R. Larkin, RN, BSN, CEN
Fruit Heights, UT
Candidate for Nominations Committee
Region 1



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Current Employer
ED Charge nurse/Educator Davis Hospital and Medical
Center in Layton, UT
Professional Credentials/Certifications
CEN; TNCC Instructor; ENPC Provider; PALS Instructor; ACLS Instructor
BSN-2005 University of Phoenix
ADN-1978 Weber State University

2005-2013 Utah Delegate
2010-2014 Utah State Secretary and Membership Chair
2007-2009 Utah State President
2005-2007 Utah State Secretary/Treasurer
1999-2006 No. Utah President/Secretary
2005-Present Sigma Theta Tau
2003 Utah ENA Emergency Nurse of the Year
1989 EMS Award Nurse of the Year

Position Statement
What attribute is essential to enhance ENA’s mission of Safe Practice and Safe Care?
ENA is the strongest advocating body for ED nurses. ENA promotes safe practice and care by being active in government affairs both nationally and locally by voicing concerns about health related practices transforming across the U.S.. By having 40,000+ members, it makes this body of nursing have a strong voice on a stance for safety in ED nursing care practice.
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Statement to the Membership
I have been active in ENA since the 1990's and strongly feel this association is so vital to all ED nurses. ENA has a true vision which helps direct the care given in our ED's. By having directed visionary leaders within ENA, it allows all ED nurses to have a voice about the quality of ED nursing.

I have loved all of the friends that I have met through the years in ENA and comparing ED informatics with people across the nation.

It is necessary to have ENA leaders that help continue with the direction which was first envisioned by Judy Kelleher and Anita Dorr. By being actively involved with the nominations committee, I will be able to help with this continuance of having a strong voice in the direction of ED nursing that impacts the practice of millions of ED nurses.

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Conflict of Interest Disclosure
No conflicts disclosed.

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