Frequenly Asked Questions


What are the ENA Annual Awards? 

The ENA Annual Awards is an opportunity to recognize innovators, leaders, and those who continually go above and beyond the call of duty in the emergency nursing profession. Each award has specific criteria to meet.


What is the cost to apply? 

There is no fee to nominate someone for an ENA Annual Award.


Do I have to be an ENA member to submit a nomination? 

For most awards you need to be an ENA member to submit a nomination. See specific criteria for each award.


Does the individual being nominated have to be an ENA member? 

For most awards the individual being nominated must be an ENA member. See specific criteria for each award.


Does the ENA National Awards nomination process have to be completed online? 

Yes, the application must be completed and submitted online. The online application is accessible from the ENA Web site. In addition, you will be asked to e-mail specific documentation that supports your online nomination. Requirements for this documentation (i.e., attachments) are outlined in the criteria for each award.


When is the submission deadline for ENA National Award nominations? 

The submission deadline for ENA National Award nominations is May 1, 2012 (11:59 pm CDT). 

Are letters of reference necessary? 

All award nominations require a minimum of two letters of reference. Some awards require three letters from specific sources. Letters from institutions must be submitted on letterhead. All letters should be addressed to: Awards Advisory Committee.


How is my nomination evaluated? 

All nomination packets are reviewed by members of the ENA Awards Advisory Committee for completeness and determine if the award prerequisites are met. The committee will then use a standardized 10 point scoring scale with weighted questions to evaluate the details you provide in your nomination.


Can I nominate an individual for more than one award? 

You can nominate an individual for more than one award; however, the Annual Awards Advisory Committee will select an individual for each award that best fits the criteria for the award.


If there is only one nomination for an award does the individual automatically win the award? 

For award categories with a single nominee or where more than one award may be given, nominees must score at least 80 percent of the total possible points to receive the award.

In the event of a tie score, the ENA board will decide if more than one award is to be given within a category or select the single recipient of the award based on a review of the nominations packet materials.