Coaching Guidelines


The Emergency Nurses Association is issuing a call for nominations for the 2012 ENA National Awards. This is the opportunity to recognize innovators, leaders, and those who continually go above and beyond the call of duty in the emergency nursing profession.


Individuals that wish to nominate someone for one of the ENA National Awards must do so through the online nomination process, which can be accessed by clicking here.


Selection of Award


A selection of the award with the criteria that best suits your nomination is an important first step in the process. Your review of the criteria for all awards should be thorough and you should select the award with the criteria that would be the best fit for your nomination. This Coaching Guide is designed to guide you through the nomination process and assist you to prepare the appropriate materials necessary to submit with your nomination.


Requirements, Criteria & Documentation



All requirements and criteria for every Award are available on the ENA Web site Review all requirements necessary to see if your candidate fits the criteria.


Discuss the nomination with the State Council to ensure there is no conflict, e.g., two individuals in the same state are nominated for the same award. This is acceptable at the National level but may not be the direction the State Council would choose to go.


Keep in mind that the Annual Awards Committee may not know your nominee so your letter of nomination should be clear and concise and should attempt to address each of the scored criteria. Every letter should be dated and signed indicating the affiliation to the nominee.


Letters from employers, businesses or institutions must be on letterhead.


Submit your nomination prior to the deadline date.


If you have any questions contact ENA Headquarters at or call 847/460-4044.