Emergency Nurses Association Statement on Gun Violence Executive Order

March 14, 2023 Emergency Nurses Association Firearms Firearms Injury Prevention

The Emergency Nurses Association on Tuesday released the following statement in response to President Biden’s announcement of an executive order focused on reducing gun violence:

Gun violence in its many forms touches every community in the United States, and emergency nurses can testify to the damage and trauma caused by firearms-related incidents ranging from intimate partner violence to mass casualty tragedies.

Today’s Executive Order by President Biden speaks directly to aspects of the multi-faceted firearms discussion that have been of key importance to the Emergency Nurses Association. Since at least 2017, ENA has consistently taken a public stance in support of efforts to reduce the frequency and severity of injuries and deaths related to firearms.

Among the actions announced today by the president, ENA has long-supported the need for enhanced firearm background checks; improved and broader implementation of “red flag” laws; greater promotion of safe firearm storage; and, in the last year, full enactment of provisions contained within the 2022 Bipartisan Safer Communities Act.

Additionally, ENA applauds the president’s call to improve support for those directly affected by gun violence, including first responders. Emergency nurses bear witness daily to the devastation gun violence causes. The repeated traumatic experience of trying to save the lives of those injured by a firearm takes an immeasurable toll on emergency nurses and all health care providers, making their mental health care needs an important point of emphasis.

Firearm safety is about injury prevention and reducing the severe impact firearms have on our communities – two issues of utmost importance to emergency nurses and ENA. Today’s announcement marks a step toward meaningful solutions to the public health crisis of firearm-related injuries and deaths.

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Dan Campana

Director of Communications