New Triage Workshop Focuses on Improved Triage Accuracy

June 26, 2024 Emergency Nurses Association ENA Nursing Education Triage

Incorrect triage in EDs leads to unnecessary risks, longer patient stays

SCHAUMBURG, Ill. (June 26, 2024) – The Emergency Nurses Association recently launched its new Triage Workshop aimed at increasing triage accuracy for all emergency department nurses.

The current triage accuracy rate is 59 percent and most inaccurate triage is due to undertriage – the failure to identify and differentiate the severity of patients' illness – so continued education in this area is essential.

“An accurate triage assessment upon arrival in an ED is crucial to getting patients the correct treatment as efficiently as possible,” said ENA President Chris Dellinger MBA, BSN, RN, FAEN. “This can prevent severe complications that increase morbidity, mortality risks and complications, and lengths of stays in the ED.”

ENA’s Triage Workshop helps to standardize triage education which affects how accurate nurses are in their triage assessments and decisions. Learners will participate in triage scenarios, instructor-led discussions, clinical judgment concepts, additional didactic information, and discussion of the ESI algorithm.

During developmental testing, there was an observed 24.5 percent increase in knowledge after completing the Triage Workshop. The workshop is one day with both virtual and in-person options. Those who complete the workshop and the pre-course work are eligible for 17.5 contact hours.

Hear more about Triage Workshop from pilot participants on the ENA Podcast.

To learn more about ENA’s Triage Workshop, along with its other triage offerings – including Triage Curriculum and ESI – click here.


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