Emergency Nurses Association Reinvigorates ESI Triage Course

February 3, 2020 Education Resources Triage

ENA re-energizes triage learning with more engaging, interactive format

SCHAUMBURG, Ill. (Feb. 3, 2020) – The Emergency Nurses Association on Monday relaunched the Emergency Severity Index triage course with a new look and feel that gives emergency nurses a more interactive and engaging experience as they learn the fundamentals of patient screening.

Since 1998, the ESI program has been the leading triage resource relied upon by nearly every emergency nurse in the United States to assess patient acuity based on their presentation in the emergency department and the expected level of care they will require.

In 2019, ENA acquired the five-level ESI triage system with plans to align it with the association’s high-quality standards for educational and skill development resources. As part of its vision for ESI’s future, ENA has partnered with Mednition to integrate clinical data science and machine-learning into the process of evolving ESI with the goal of enhancing nurses’ triage decision-making ability based on real-time information.

The re-energized ESI triage course announced Monday drives better learning retention using an easier-to-navigate design that allows nurses to go at their own pace, improves accessibility to key information and integrates more user customization through practice scenarios that guide their understanding of the ESI algorithm.

“There is no mistaking the importance of the ESI triage system to emergency nurses. For that reason, it made perfect sense for ENA’s initial update to focus on delivering this vital training program through a more engaging learning and user-friendly experience,” said ENA President Mike Hastings, MSN, RN, CEN.

The course redesign aligns with ENA’s triage vision, which falls into five key areas:

  • Assessment, refinement and deployment of an updated ESI model
  • Initial triage training and education updates
  • Research and learning for the advancement of the emergency nursing profession
  • Standardization of nursing data to advance sharing of that data
  • Ensuring modern triage best practices and skill development

Learn more about ESI at ena.org/ESI.

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