Welcome to the ENA Workplace Violence Toolkit, designed specifically for the emergency department manager or designated team leader to develop and implement a comprehensive plan that addresses your needs related to managing violent behaviors in the emergency department and protecting your staff.

Did you know that workplace violence accounts for approximately 900 deaths and 1.7 million non-fatal assaults each year in the United States? This is a serious issue and ENA applauds the effort to evaluate your own emergency department and develop measures to improve the safety and security of your staff and patients. Our workplace violence toolkit provides you with all the resources you need to:

  • Understand the issue of emergency department workplace violence
  • Evaluate your emergency department’s present status
  • Describe the desired outcomes for your emergency department
  • Design a practical action plan that will help you achieve these outcomes and
  • Evaluate how your plan is working and what to do next

This toolkit, developed by ENA leadership and your peers, offers practical solutions to the problem of violence in emergency departments all across the country. You will be provided with the resources to address this issue at all levels of the institution such as hospital administration, division or department management, educators and staff. The templates and tools provide an easy step-by-step procedure for customizing a violence prevention plan that will meet the needs of your department. We will also provide you with templates for correspondence and reporting so your efforts can be documented and released to those stakeholders that need to know the positive steps you are taking to provide a safe environment for employees and patients.

Wondering how to get started? We have provided an overview of the Table of Contents of this toolkit below and have also developed a QuickMap of the tasks within the toolkit to show you just how easy it will be to begin this project and turn it into an ongoing quality initiative against violence in your emergency department.

Table of Contents

Appendix: Library of Tools


How to use this toolkit