AutoRenew and Flexible (Installment) Payments

Simple. Secure. Convenient.

You have enough to do—let AutoRenew and flexible payments work for you. Learn more about how automatic renewal and an installment plan can let you skip the reminders and and continue your membership uninterrupted.




AutoRenew FAQ

What is AutoRenew?
Who can sign up for AutoRenew?
When and how will I be charged?
Will I be notified?
What if my card is no longer valid?
Will my dues ever change?
How do I cancel or modify my AutoRenew enrollment?
What is the cancellation and refund policy?

Flexible Payments FAQ

What are Flexible Payments?
What are the benefits of Flexible Payments?
Who can sign up for Flexible Payments?
When and how will I be charged?
How will I be notified?
What if there are issues with my debit or card?
Where do I view my payment schedule?
How do I update and manage my installment information?


ENA Terms and Conditions

Review the Terms and Conditions for AutoRenew and/or Installment Payments for more information.