ENA International Membership

You are Committed to Care, ENA is committed to YOU.

"Through our 50-year history we have learned that emergency nurses face similar issues no matter what country in which they practice. Trauma care, pediatric emergencies and geriatric treatment, as well as staffing issues including work hours and retention are common for all emergency departments. ENA provides the resources, networking opportunities, and alliances to help all emergency nurses manage the challenge of their profession."  - Nancy MacRae, MS, CEO 

Join Your Community

ENA is working to join the collective voices of professionals dedicated to emergency nursing into an international community of peers. Membership will grant you access to a variety of resources to help strengthen your practice. Ready to take the next step? Follow the links to view the full list of benefits available to you as an international member, explore which membership type is right for you, and join.

Find Your Right Fit- Membership Options

Whether it's providing a global perspective on issues you face daily in practice, providing professional development opportunities, or engaging with a network of peers, ENA has the tools and educational resources to support YOU in your career. As an ENA member you will receive access to the latest research, a global network of nurses, and complimentary online education. 

In an effort to connect the emergency nursing community across the globe, ENA is now offering a Digital Membership option, made available exclusively to international emergency nurses. Discover if ENA Digital International Membership is the right fit for you!

Membership Options

Digital Membership

ENA Membership at Your Fingertips

Digital membership grants you the most sought after ENA benefits in an convenient, eco-friendly manner including:
  • Journal of Emergency Nursing- Digital Subscription
  • ENA Connection Magazine- Digital Access
  • Opportunity to participate in the International community on ENA's online networking platform
  • 20+ complimentary hours of online education- new topics added monthly!
  • Tool Kits, position statements, and clinical practice guidelines on topics relevant to you


International Membership

Full ENA Membership Experience

International ENA Membership includes all the benefits granted with Digital Membership with addition of:
  • Print editions of the Journal of Emergency Nursing and ENA Connection
  • Volunteer and voting opportunities for ENA's Board of Directors, volunteer committees, and work groups
  • Opportunity to apply to attend ENA's Annual Conference as an International Delegate
  • Multi-year membership options


The Value of ENA Membership

Membership Math

ENA membership is worth more than money, but we know that also matters. Investing in membership is a smart career choice that gives you access to unparalleled resources which bolster your emergency nursing practice in a cost-efficient manner.





Digital Membership$60
International 1 Year$115
International 3 Year$288
International 5 Year$432
International Lifetime$1,438





ENA Courses and Products

ENA's mission is to advocate for patient safety and excellence in emergency nursing practice. In order to fulfill this mission, ENA has developed a variety of courses and products designed specifically to meet the needs of emergency nurses across the globe. ENA membership grants you a discounted rate on select educational offerings. A sample of the offerings that may be of immediate interest to YOU are listed here.

Gold-standard Courses Recognized by Nurses and Hospitals Worldwide

Trauma Nursing Core Course(TNCC) and Emergency Nursing Pediactric Course (ENPC) feature:
  • One and a half day intensive course that includes online modules and hands-on learning
  • Systematic assessment and application of care
  • The latest practice recommendations
  • Evidence-based education

ENA has conducted a series of disseminations related to our TNCC and ENPC course offerings. To date we have conducted over 40 of these disseminations worldwide including locations from Mexico to Dubai to Trinidad and Tobago

eLearning Opportunities

Course in Advanced Trauma Nursing (CATN) and Geriatric Emergency Nurse Education(GENE)

These online courses provide content for advanced trauma care for emergency nurses, and emergency nursing best practices when caring for geriatric patients. These in depth courses provide in-depth content in a convenient eLearning format.

Conference on Demand!

Access cutting edge, emergency nursing content from the largest emergency nursing conference in the world. With Conference on Demand! you can receive the conference experience on your computer, tablet, or smart phone, in the comfort of your own home or office.