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April 2024 Member Spotlight

Traci McGregor, BSN, MBA, RN, NE-BC

Traci McGregor

Traci McGregor saw the issue of workplace violence against health care professionals “becoming front and center” back in 2013.

Her home state of Idaho didn’t have a law that made assaulting a health care worker a felony, so she joined the effort to change that. She drafted form letters to send to state representatives and senators and rallied others to sign them. The following year, Idaho adopted a law classifying assault against a health care worker as a felony.

Her next foray into advocacy was in 2015 at Day on the Hill, ENA’s annual event that teaches members about government affairs and arranges meetings with lawmakers and legislative staff. There, she learned valuable lessons in grassroots advocacy, especially how to gain a lawmaker’s attention.

“Stats and data are one thing, but any personal story seems to drive the message home,” McGregor said. She has attended almost every Day on the Hill since, bringing other Idaho members with her each time.

“I just loved it that we, as a group, can make a difference,” McGregor said.

McGregor is currently the ED manager at St. Luke’s Health System Boise Medical Center, where she has spent her entire 19-year career. The hospital is a pediatric Level II trauma facility with 34 ED beds that sees about 120 patients a day. She said there are typically at least two incidents each week where a hospital staff member is verbally or physically assaulted.

While the trend in violent incidents might be rising, the level of acceptance has dropped over that past five years at her hospital.

“Workplace violence is no longer ‘something you should expect.’ That has completely swung the other way,” she said. Staff members are expected to report incidents.

“We have a good culture,” she said of her department, where nurses and other staff support one another, debrief after incidents and also have fun with social events outside of work.

“I feel very loyal to my team,” she said. “I want them to succeed.” She gets to know her team, not just what each nurse brings professionally, but also on a personal level.

As an ED manager, she advises her colleagues maintain a life-work balance and to find an outlet to “let it go.” For her, it’s hiking, biking and traveling. She also finds that connecting with other ENA members is helpful.

McGregor joined ENA early in her career when she met Dennis Emerson, an active member who was also from Idaho. McGregor attended her first ENA annual conference about 15 years ago.

“I found my people,” she said, and she appreciated the networking and support she found.

Emerson also encouraged her to pursue a position within the Idaho ENA State Council. She has since held several state roles and is currently the president-elect and the government affairs chair. She has also served on ENA’s Conference Education Planning Committee. .

She is particularly looking forward to Emergency Nursing 2024 in Las Vegas because one of her daughters, who is currently in nursing school, will be attending with her.

McGregor initially thought she wanted to be a labor and delivery nurse. After two shifts during her rotations, she realized it wasn’t for her. One shift in the ED, however, was all it took to convince her that’s where she wanted to be.

“I can’t imagine doing anything else,” McGregor said. “It’s very rewarding. Obviously not every patient is thankful and kind, but the ones that are make up for it.”


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