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July Member Spotlight: John Caaway, BSN


John Caaway is an ENA student member who recently graduated nursing school. John recently accepted a new grad nurse position at a Level I trauma center and is excited to dive into the emergency department as soon as he passes the NCLEX. Learn more about John.


What drew him to emergency nursing.

The teamwork, energy, autonomy, critical thinking, variety, continual learning experience, and making a difference - everything about ED nursing attracted John. He volunteered in an emergency department and/Level II trauma center while completing prerequisites for nursing and then externed in the emergency department and /Level I trauma center during his last semester of nursing school. John was inspired when he saw intelligent, sociable, and dedicated people working together to uplift each other and helping the families of patient’s have better days during difficult times. John hopes to explore every possible role the ED/trauma center has to offer and eventually be able to lead other nurses and nursing students.

How has ENA helped him along his journey?

In so many ways! During his ED externship, he reviewed the “learn” section on the ENA website so he could implement best practices. Now that he is about to start his nursing career, John has been using the ENA website to develop theoretical knowledge, review different career pathways in emergency nursing, and gain understanding of the various certifications available. ENA is very visible in his community of nurses. John attributes much of his current career success to his participation in ENA.

What does he enjoys outside of emergency nursing?

John loves spending time outdoors with others. Don't be surprised to catch him traveling, hiking, or at the beach, sports arena or amusement park?

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