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June Member Spotlight: Iman K. Mohamed, Student Member

Iman Mohammed, who joined ENA as a student member, recently graduated with her bachelor’s degree in nursing from Thomas Jefferson University in Pennsylvania. Learn more about Iman, her experiences with ENA, and her excitement as she prepares for work in the ED.



“I am a firm believer that everything is fate and there is no such thing as a coincidence. This belief of mine is further solidified when my mind wanders to where I came from and where I am today. My family and I are from the country of Sudan, more specifically a very rural small town two hours out from the capital. At the age of 8, my family and I received the opportunity to join my father in the United States of America.

I strived in my studies and quickly learned that the nursing profession was the career for me. Two degrees later, my heart is still in the ED. My first degree was a bachelor’s in ethnic studies from the University of Colorado Denver and my most recent is my bachelor’s degree in nursing from Thomas Jefferson University. Next steps for me include taking the NCLEX in June and to join the ED team that is the right fit for me, and me for them. In the meantime, I spend my time as a hospital float pool nurse extern at Thomas Jefferson Hospital.

The ED interests me in many ways. I love the unpredictability, the fast pace, and the variation in patient population and medical conditions. I am a person who has experienced constant change and movement. It is now a part of who I am and where I feel most comfortable. ENA has helped me find a community to foster my growth and the growth of our community. This is a community where nurses and student nurses in the ED can receive and give support. Furthermore, ENA provided me with the platform to network and get to know my colleagues.

Although I live in Philadelphia now, my childhood and adulthood were spent in Colorado. I say this because I love the outdoors and I love to hike. I am happy Pennsylvania also has a lot to offer with its vast greenery and many trails to explore.”



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