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Known as the New Thing Nurse on social media and her website, Sarah Wells is all about sharing her experiences to help put you on a road to career success. Whether its resume writing, job interview coaching or nursing school hacks, Sarah’s blog and tip sheets are here to give you a boost.

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"Hello! My name is Sarah K. Wells, MSN, RN, CEN, CNL, and I have been an Emergency Nurse since I was a New Grad Nurse. I totally understand how it can be hard to figure out what type of nurse you want to be, but with ENA, I found it so easy to know that Emergency Nursing was for me.

You may be wondering who I am, so let me tell you a little about myself! My name is Sarah, and I live in Oakland, California. I am originally from Georgia and graduated from nursing school there in 2010. I started my Emergency Nurse career in 2011 at a community hospital where I got amazing experience and really learned to be a Jill of all trades. After about two years in nursing, I moved to California in 2012 where I still live and work today!

After working in trauma, stroke, cardiac, and burn centers, I have settled down at another community hospital where I work at the bedside and as the Lead Pediatric Champion where I work to enhance the education opportunities for my ED colleagues. I also started my own business, New Thing Nurse, where I help nursing students and veteran RNs land their dream jobs, get into school, and launch their new ideas through supportive academic and professional coaching.

I am so excited that you are here to learn more about Emergency Nursing, and I hope to help you all along the way!"

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About New Thing Nurse

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New Thing Nurse was created by Sarah Wells for veteran nurses, nursing students, and those dreaming of being nurses who want to expand their horizons but are having trouble navigating their next step. Whether trying to get your first job, going back to school, or just wanting to make a change, sometimes you need a little help along the way. New This Nurse is committed to proving support and guidance to the nursing community in a simple and direct format. Our vision is to create a world of nursing success and fulfillment that spreads through healthcare and beyond.

Check out New Thing Nurse at newthingnurse.com and follow Sarah on Instagram to keep up with the latest New Thing