Volunteer Roles



ENA Committees reflect the key areas of focus for ENA as determined by the Board of Directors. Committees are typically ongoing with two to three year terms depending on the area of focus and outcomes. Each committee has a specific charge that is reviewed and approved annually by the Board of Directors. There are three standing committees as defined in the ENA bylaws: Finance, Resolutions, and Nominations. 

Available Volunteer Opportunities on ENA Committees for 2021 include:

  • Awards Committee
  • Clinical Practice Guidelines Committee
  • Course Administration Faculty
  • Diversity, Equity, and Inclusivity (DEI) Committee
  • Emergency Department Operations Committee
  • Emergency Management and Preparedness Committee
  • Emergency Nursing Conference Education Planning Committee
  • ENPC Review Committee
  • Geriatric Committee
  • Lantern Awards Committee
  • Lantern Awards Reviewers
  • Pediatric Committee
  • Peer Review Education Committee
  • Position Statements Committee
  • Resolutions Committee
  • TNCC Review Committee
  • Trauma Committee

Work Teams

Work Teams are typically associated with completing a single set of tasks over a set period of time. Generally, work team members remain until charges are completed. 

Work Teams included in the 2021 Call for Volunteers include:

  • Emergency Nursing Quality Measures Development Work Team

Advisory Councils

Advisory councils have rotating terms that range from one to two years. Councils help provide guidance and direction as relates to a specific topic or cohort.

Advisory Councils seeing volunteers for 2021 include:

  • Advocacy Advisory Council
  • Emergency Medical Services (EMS) Advisory Council
  • Emergency Nursing Advanced Practice (ENAP) Advisory Council
  • Emergency Nursing Education Advisory Council
  • Emergency Nursing Research Advisory Council
  • Emerging Professional Advisory Council
  • International Advisory Council
  • Quality and Safety Advisory Council

ENA Foundation Committees

ENA Foundation committees reflect the key areas of focus for ENA Foundation as determined by the ENA Foundation Board of Trustees. The three ENA Foundation committees are ENA Foundation Fundraising Committee, ENA Foundation Scholarship Committee, and ENA Foundation Research Grant Committee. These committees are ongoing with one to two-year terms. Each committee has specific charges set by the Foundation Board of Trustees.

Micro-Volunteering Opportunities

ENA micro-volunteering opportunities reflect key areas of focus for ENA as a result of a resolution outcome, response to a public need or crisis, or a strategic plan initiative. Micro-volunteering groups are typically short-term opportunities.

ENA Committees, Advisory Councils, and ENA Foundation Committees open for new volunteers annually each fall. Work Teams and Micro-Volunteering opportunities open on an as-needed basis. Please refer to ena.org/volunteer for the most updated information on an ongoing basis.

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