Emergency nurses are there for us when we need it most. Their work is essential to the health of ALL communities.

A donation to the ENA Foundation through the ENStrong Challenge is an investment in the advancement of patient care. Your gift will support scholarships and grants that are the fuel for emergency nurses to further their education and improve their practice, which ultimately benefits everyone.

ENStrongWith your help, we the ENA Foundation can provide nurses with the tools to save lives.


The ENStrong Challenge is the ENA Foundation’s largest fundraising campaign of the year for supporting scholarships, continuing education and research and you continue to show an outpouring of support and commitment to advancing the ENA Foundation’s mission. Thanks to this year’s contributors, the 2022 ENStrong Challenge reached a new level of success. The ENA Foundation exceeded the overall goal thanks to the generosity of our donors who raised more than $311,000!

Be sure to check out the ENStrong leaderboard to see where your state ranked in this year’s Challenge.

For any questions about how to participate, please contact Senior Foundation Specialist Meghan Higham at meghan.higham@ena.org.

Click here for a complete list of Challenge Rules and Details.


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