We are thrilled to introduce the 2018 ENA National Election candidates. Get to know the candidates by viewing their bios and videos. The ENA National Election opens September 7 and closes September 28 at Emergency Nursing 2018. Please plan to exercise your right to vote in this year’s election.


President-elect candidates (1 position open)

Maureen Curtis Cooper (Massachusetts)
Michael Hastings (Washington)

Secretary/Treasurer candidates (1 position open)

Ron Kraus (Indiana)
Ellen H. “Ellie” Encapera (South Carolina)
Karla Nygren (South Dakota)

Director candidates (3 position open)

Brenda Braun (New Jersey)
Jeannie Burnie (Ohio)
Virginia Orcutt (Arizona)
Kristen Cline (South Dakota)
Joop Breuer (Netherlands)
Donna Hovey (Maine)
Cheryl Ann MacDonald-Sweet (Pennsylvania)
Chris Dellinger (West Virginia)
Terry Foster (Kentucky)
Ryan Oglesby (Florida)
Carla Brim (Washington)

Nominations and Elections Committee Region 1 candidates (1 position open)

Kristen Tarrell (California)
David Samuelson (California)
Louise Hummel (California)

Nominations and Elections Committee Region 3 candidates (1 position open)

Nicholas Nelson (Illinois)
Charles Schlichting (Wisconsin)

Nominations and Elections Committee Region 5 candidates (1 position open)

Dawn MacMullen (New York)
Marge Letitia (Connecticut)

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