Handbook for Implementing an Emergency Department Electronic Medical Record System

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The emergency department (ED) setting requires a time efficient and clinically effective means to document care provided, review significant patient data, and communicate that information at the transition of care. An Emergency Department (ED) Electronic Medical Record (EMR) system is a vital component of real-time data dissemination for the healthcare team.
ENA’s electronic PDF Handbook for Implementing an Emergency Department Emergency Medical Record System provides guidance to interdisciplinary EMR project teams and is based on first-hand experience, research, and best-practice principles. It is also intended to be adaptable as needs, uses, technologies, regulations, and patient care advances continue to develop.
The handbook is divided into three sections with checklists, to represent the project cycle for successful implementation and adoption of an ED EMR system. By identifying key factors in the selection, implementation, and post-implementation evaluation of an ED EMR, those tasked with leading and managing these projects will benefit from having easily identifiable and measurable criteria with which to compare and consider the needs of end-users, who will ultimately determine the success or failure of the system’s implementation and adoption.
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