CEN Review Manual, 4th Edition

CEN Review Manual, 4th EditionThe fourth edition of the CEN Review Manual contains valuable tools to enhance your preparation for the CEN® examination. Five chapters in the book contain a simulated test consisting of 150 questions. In addition, access to two computerized web-based tests of 175 questions each are provided. This feature will allow the learner to practice taking the CEN exam in the same environment as the actual CEN exam. The learner will be provided with a rationale and a reference for the questions missed on the web-based exam. This edition has been carefully constructed to contain the same proportion of items in each content category as the CEN examination. Your score will clearly indicate any subject area in which you would benefit with further study whether the learner utilizes the book exams or the web-based exams. 

624 pages
ISBN: 978-0-7575-6430-7 

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