Emergency Nurses Association Supports Ban on Assault Rifles

July 11, 2022 federal news Government Relations

ENA President Jenn Schmitz released the following message about ENA's support of a ban on assault rifles.

ENA recognizes the immeasurable toll gun violence and mass shootings take on a community and the indescribable trauma emergency nurses experience as a result. As we treat the wounded, we repeatedly see firsthand the damage caused in these senseless tragedies.

To strengthen ENA’s commitment to create healthier and safer communities for all, and to further stand with emergency nurses working amid this gun violence epidemic, ENA today is announcing its support for a ban on assault rifles.

Supporting an assault rifle ban strengthens ENA’s longtime efforts around firearms injury prevention and is another step the association is taking to address this national crisis. Those efforts include advocating for effective and affordable behavioral health resources, enhanced “red flag” and background check laws, and stricter requirements for firearm sales.

All of these measures set a course to better protect people and support all health care workers who face the realities of gun violence every day.

As mass shootings continue to occur around the country, ENA becomes more committed to taking action. I, and everyone with ENA, understand the emotions felt by ED nurses when these tragedies strike across this country – from Las Vegas to Parkland, Uvalde to Buffalo, and, most recently, close to ENA’s home, in Highland Park, Illinois.

ENA stands with every community scarred by this violence and supports the emergency nurses, first responders and health care providers who share the lingering pain and frustration this crisis has caused.

ENA President

Jenn Schmitz

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