Emergency Nurses Association Brings Top-Notch Education to Austin, Texas

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Serial killers in the nursing industry and applying battlefield lessons in the emergency department among session highlights at ENA’s annual conference

SCHAUMBURG, Ill. (Sept. 5, 2019) – Emergency Nursing 2019, the Emergency Nurses Association’s annual conference, arrives in Austin, Texas, Sept. 29-Oct 2 with a high-quality lineup of educational sessions available to the thousands of emergency nurses in attendance.

Whether emergency nurses are focused on continuing their education or connecting with their peers, this year’s conference offers a diverse array of clinical, practical and topical sessions that offer something for everyone. The full list of EN19 sessions can be found here, but here’s a look at some of this year’s highlights:

Austere Medicine: Lessons from the Battlefield Applied to the Emergency Department

Back by popular demand, emergency nurse Alex Potter and former Army nurse Helen Perry will present their experience delivering trauma care in Iraq at the front lines during the battle for Mosul in 2016 and how that applies to emergency department preparedness. Potter and Perry are involved with Global Response Management, an international medical non-governmental organization which delivers pre-hospital emergency medical care in the field to those living in, or having been displaced by, conflict zones specifically in the Middle East.

Death Row: What We can Learn from Nurse Serial Killers

Access to a vulnerable population combined with medical knowledge leaves medically trained serial killers with a monstrous ability to exploit power and trust. That’s according to presenter, Gina Carbino, who said health care workers have a surprisingly disproportionate number of serial killers – particularly among emergency and critical care nurses – relative to other professions. Carbino’s session reviews some of the most notorious nurse serial killer cases, seeks explanations for their actions and looks at identifiable patterns of behavior and potential methods to prevent future occurrences.

Work Being Done to Prevent Brain Injuries in Sports Isn’t Good Enough

While student-athletes across the country prepare for the upcoming sports seasons, emergency nurses are readying themselves for a new year of sports-related head trauma. Georgia ENA State Council President Jack Rodgers leads this discussion focused on the important role emergency nurses play in the first wave of treatment for injured athletes, as well as providing the right information at discharge for parents, teachers and coaches.

The Future of Emergency Nursing and the Workforce Crisis

Even while job market demands increase, recruitment and retention among emergency nurses is declining, according to a recent study. ENA International Advisory Council Chair Vanessa Gorman offers a look at evidence compiled from the last 10 years which delves into the global emergency nursing shortage, exploring its causes and potential corrections for its sustainability.

Is legal marijuana increasing the emergency department’s workload?

This presentation explores an unexpected side effect of marijuana legalization – an increase in emergency department workload caused by patients in need of treatment for cannabis-related overdoses. While the health consequences of cannabis usage have been widely researched, Lisa Wolf, ENA’s director of emergency nursing research, examines the additional burden placed upon emergency nurses’ workload presented by cannabis overdose patients revealed in a first-of-its-kind study by ENA researchers which was recently published in Public Health Nursing.

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