California Governor Vetoes ENA-Opposed EMS Bill

October 9, 2018

Schaumburg, Ill. - The Emergency Nurses Association applauds Governor Jerry Brown (D-CA) for vetoing A.B. 3115, the Community Paramedicine or Triage to Alternate Destination Act on September 30. Despite enjoying relatively easy passage in both the Senate and Assembly, the bill was opposed by a number of health care organizations, including the California Hospital Association, the Emergency Medical Directors Association of California and the California Nurses Association. These groups’ concerns centered on changes being proposed to the operation of state and local emergency medical service (EMS) agencies.

In addition, the California State Council of ENA opposed the legislation because it would have lessened ENA’s role in the selection of members for the California Commission on Emergency Medical Services. Since 1981, CalENA, as the leading organization representing emergency-trained nurses in the state, has provided nominees to the governor to fill a spot on the commission reserved for a registered nurses with knowledge and experience in EMS and emergency care. A.B. 3115 would have altered this nomination process, allowing other groups who do not represent emergency nurses to provide nominees for this critical position. CalENA argued that maintaining the role of ENs on the commission was crucial to ensuring their expertise would continue to have an impact on the shaping of EMS policy in the state. In addition to communicating with the bill’s sponsors and staff throughout the process, CalENA voiced their concerns in a letter to Governor Brown requesting that he veto this legislation.


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