External Research Opportunities


The mission of the ENA Institute for Emergency Nursing Research (IENR) mission is to conduct and facilitate research and research activities for ENA and its members to support evidence-based practices for emergency nursing and emergency care. Hence, the IENR is pleased to further facilitate research by providing opportunities for emergency nurses to conduct and participate in research external to ENA’s initiatives.

Current Research Participation Opportunities

The research opportunities provided here have been reviewed and approved by the IENR as being applicable to current emergency nursing practice. Please note that the studies listed are not sponsored or endorsed by ENA. Questions, concerns, or comments about any individual study should be directed to that study’s principal investigator.


Study Title

The Effects of a Specialized Mental Health Training on Nurses’ Attitudes Toward Depressed and Suicidal Patients

The Experiences of Registered Nurses Who Are Injured by Violence While on Duty in an Emergency Department

Examining Differences in Perception, Self-Confidence, and Implementation of Family Presence during Resuscitation According to Emergency Nurses' Professional and Demographic Factors​​

Personality Traits, Perceived Stress, and Coping Mechanisms of Emergency Department Nurses​​



All requests to post links to external research must first be reviewed and approved by the ENA Institute for Emergency Nursing Research (IENR). The terms and conditions of this policy are administered by IENR. Subsequently, IENR reserves the right to deny any request for posting a link to external research opportunities. The information and requirements listed here are subject to change without prior notification.


  1. You must be an ENA Member. Join Now!
  2. The ENA Institute for Emergency Nursing Research must approve the study before the link can be posted.
  3. All study-related materials must be submitted to IENR@ena.org for approval. The subject line of the email should read as “External Research Request”.
  4. Approvals are generally completed within one calendar week. An email will be sent to you confirming your approval once your link has been posted to the ENA Web site.
  5. The following information and materials MUST be submitted to ENA:
    • Start and end dates for the link to be posted. Unless stated otherwise, a) the start date will be within one calendar week after approval has been granted, and b) the end date will be no greater than three months from the start date.
    • All surveys that will be used in the study.
    • The full research proposal that includes a description of how subjects’ confidentiality will be maintained.
    • The study cover letter.
    • Institutional Review Board (IRB) approval letter.
    • The consent form (if applicable).
    • The link(s) to the study.
  6. All study links are posted to this page and are listed in alphabetical order by study title. No other study information will be listed on the ENA Web site.



Questions? Contact IENR at IENR@ena.org or (847) 460-4119.



Publication of Study Findings


All researchers are encouraged to publish their findings in the Journal of Emergency Nursing.



ENA Foundation


The ENA Foundation is excited to offer research grant opportunities and scholarships to advance the specialized practice of emergency nursing. For more information, visit www.enafoundation.org.