ENA has long recognized the power of research to inform leadership, give strength to advocacy, provide a knowledge base for expertise, and promote innovation. The Institute for Emergency Nursing Research (IENR) expands ENA research efforts and enables systematic inquiry. IENR seeks to advance the field of emergency nursing and emergency care through research and evidence-based programs. IENR provides the ENA membership with opportunities, resources, and assistance to enhance their involvement in research activities and their pursuit of excellence in emergency nursing. IENR is supported by its Advisory Council, which is composed of research experts in emergency nursing. The Advisory Council provides diverse multidisciplinary input concerning the programs of IENR.


The mission of IENR is to conduct and facilitate research and research activities for ENA and its members to support evidence-based practices for emergency nursing and emergency care.


IENR is the leading source of research and information for evidence-based emergency nursing practice and emergency care

Specific Goal of IENR

Generate, translate, integrate, and disseminate research and evidence-based practice.

2016 IENR Advisory Council

Paul Richard Clark, PhD, MA RN

Hershaw Davis, Jr., MSN, RN

Martha E. McDonald, PhD, RN, CEN, CCNS, CCRN, CNE

Anita J. Smith, PhD, RN, CNS

Kathleen E. Zavotsky, PhD, RN, CEN, ACNS-BC, CCRN

Michael D. Moon, PhD, MSN, RN, CEN, CNS-CC, FAEN, Chairperson

Michael Hastings, MS, RN, CEN, ENA Board of Directors Liaison

Lisa Wolf, PhD, RN, CEN, FAEN, IENR Director