Toolkits contain information, resources, education, forms, links and other valuable material. They may help you champion a project, initiate a program, or evaluate and guide clinical practice. Toolkits are meant to be dynamic resources for busy clinicians and leaders so no two toolkits may be exactly the same.


ENA Toolkits

  • Community Injury Prevention Toolkit​ (Free for ENA Members, login required)
    The Community Injury Prevention Toolkit is a web-based guide to help take the message of Safe Practice and Safe Care into the community. This comprehensive resource provides both the injury prevention theory and practice elements you need to develop and implement an injury prevention program within your community or region, from assessment to evaluation. Also included is the full toolkit as a downloadable PDF document so that you can access the Toolkit at any time digitally or in print.
  • Emergency Department Workplace Injury Prevention EDWIP Toolkit (Free for ENA Members, login required)
    The EDWIP toolkit is designed specifically for the ED manager, designated team leader, and/or emergency staff to develop and implement a comprehensive plan that addresses the needs related to preventing and managing the occurrence of workplace injuries in the ED. Understanding that workplace injuries are a serious issue, this toolkit was developed by a team of ED nursing colleagues to help establish and accomplish goals for safe practice and safe care in the ED.

  • Handbook for Implementing an Emergency Department Electronic Medical Record System (Free for ENA Members, login required)
    The emergency department (ED) setting requires a time efficient and clinically effective means to document care provided, review significant patient data, and communicate that information at the transition of care. An Emergency Department (ED) Electronic Medical Record (EMR) system is a vital component of real-time data dissemination f​or the healthcare team.
  • Naloxone Education Toolkit (Free for ENA Members, login required)
    Opioid overdose has reached epidemic levels in the U.S. and impacts emergency departments (EDs) on a daily basis. This places frontline ED Staff in an optimal position to provide just-in-time education to help prevent deaths resulting from opioid overdose. The ENA Naloxone Education Toolkit (NET) is designed for emergency nurses and providers, and includes the necessary resources to educate patients and family members about opioid overdose. Information on distribution and proper use of naloxone kits is also included in this toolkit.
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ENA Toolkits (Free for ENA Members and Non-Members)​

  • ENA Alcohol SBIRT Toolkit
    The ENA Alcohol SBIRT toolkit is to provide emergency and trauma nurses and other emergency health care professionals with the information they need to implement the SBIRT procedure in emergency care settings. The toolkit is designed to be used as both a self-study guide and/or as educational material to train emergency health care professionals. The toolkit incorporates evidence-based concepts from the National Institute on Alcohol Abuse and Alcoholism, American College of Surgeons, Centers for Disease Control and Prevention, and many other renowned experts in the field.

  • Pediatric Interfacility Transport
    The interfacility transport of pediatric and neonatal patients may be required to access medical specialists for critically ill and injured children. Planning is essential to complete this safely. ENA, the Society of Trauma Nurses (STN) and Emergency Medical Services for Children (EMSC) have collaborated to ensure that hospitals and providers can better address important processes that are needed for safe interfacility transport of children.

  • Workplace Violence Toolkit
    This Workplace Violence Toolkit, developed by ENA leadership and your peers, offers practical solutions to the problem of violence in emergency departments all across the country. You will be provided with the resources to address this issue at all levels of the institution such as hospital administration, division or department management, educators and staff. The templates and tools provide an easy step-by-step procedure for customizing a violence prevention plan that will meet the needs of your department.

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