Alcohol Screening, Brief Intervention, and Referral to Treatment (SBIRT)

Introduction to SBIRT

The SBIRT procedure is an evidence-based practice that has consistently demonstrated success with

  • correctly identifying patients who have unhealthy or harmful alcohol use; and
  • assisting those patients with ways to reduce harmful alcohol use and its consequences.


For the past decade, ENA has conducted research and developed educational programs to facilitate the implementation of nurse-delivered SBIRT in U.S. emergency departments. Although SBIRT can be used to detect harmful use of alcohol, tobacco and other drugs, ENA SBIRT educational materials focus on alcohol SBIRT only. As a result of funding from the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration, the following program and resources are available for your use at no-cost

ENA SBIRT Online Education Modules
The ENA SBIRT online education program consists of the following two interactive, self-learning modules. Continuing nursing education contact hours are not being awarded for either module.

  1. Nurse-led SBIRT Practice with Emergency Department Patients

    The purpose of this one-hour, interactive module is to facilitate nurse-led practice of alcohol SBIRT in U.S. emergency departments. The content provides a basic introduction to the purpose, supporting evidence and skills necessary to effectively conduct SBIRT with patients to help them reduce harmful alcohol use.

  2. Managerial Considerations for SBIRT Integration in Emergency Departments

    The purpose of this one-hour, interactive course is to assist hospital managers and administrators with the integration of alcohol SBIRT services in emergency departments. The content provides an introductory overview of the research evidence, suggestions for addressing common implementation challenges and examples of key evaluation metrics.


Supplemental Materials for ENA SBIRT
Throughout the ENA online education modules, there are references to various tools and resources that were developed to help guide successful implementation of alcohol SBIRT. You can download all of those supplemental materials by clicking here.