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International Emergency Nursing Organizations Reference List

  • EMTALA Resource - at Centers for Medicare and Medicaid Services

  • Gift From Within - an international nonprofit organization is dedicated to those who suffer post-traumatic stress disorder (PTSD), those at risk for PTSD, and those who care for traumatized individuals. Educational materials include videotapes, books and articles for both clinicians and those experiencing PTSD.

  • Gateway to Posttraumatic Stress Disorder Information

  • Violent Death Bereavement Society

  • Health New Digest - Current and Breaking News on the Health Industry for Professionals and Consumers.

  • Healthfinder® - your guide to reliable health information.

  • Health and Human Services - "Leading America to Better Health, Safety and Well-Being"

  • Homeland Security

  • Hospital Policy Net - Joint Commission healthcare consulting Web site

  • JWatch's Emergency Medicine - Edited and reviewed by more than 80 physicians, JWatch regularly combs 180 medical journals for important findings in emergency medicine

  • Kids Health - What Happens in the Emergency Room?

  • Robert Wood Johnson Foundation - One of the nation's largest philanthropy community dedicated solely to the public's health, focusing on current health care issues, fostering environments that promote health and engaging in partnerships with building a culture of health for every American.

  • MedicAlert - the original nonprofit emergency medical information service.

  • Medical Product Safety Network (Medsun) - designed to improve our understanding of medical device use so that the FDA, healthcare facilities, clinicians, and manufacturers can better address safety concerns. Over 350 health care facilities, primarily hospitals, participate in the MedSun network. Trained MedSun Representatives from these sites come from Risk Management, Patient Safety, Quality Improvement, Biomedical/Clinical Engineering, Physicians and Nurses, Materials Management, and Surgical Services.