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50th Anniversary Video Challenge

Celebrate ENA's 50th Anniversary by participating in our video challenge! We challenge all members to create videos showcasing their state, chapter, emergency department, fellow nurses and ENA's 50th Anniversary. The winning video will be shown in Las Vegas at the EN20 opening session!

Video Criteria:

  • Video must be under 3 minutes in length
  • Groups must be identified within the video (e.g. XXXX State Council, XXXX Emergency Department, ENA Staff, etc.)
  • Video must reference ENA's 50th Anniversary

All participants in the video must be made aware that the video will be shared publicly on ENA's YouTube page.

Deadline to submit a video is July 24, 2020. Click below to submit your video!

Videos will be submitted to ENA via Dropbox. Please review Dropbox instructions if you incur any issues with uploading your video.

All submitted videos will be uploaded to ENA's YouTube within 2 business days from receipt. The top 10% of videos with the most likes will go on to the second round of judging.





50th Anniversary Steering Committee

In 2018 the ENA Board of Directors approved the composition of a 50th Anniversary Steering Committee. This eight person committee is a cross-representation of members who have worked diligently to develop a range of activities to commemorate ENA's 50th Anniversary. Click below to meet the committee.

50th Anniversary Steering Committee



Our History


  • 50th Anniversary Celebrations at ENA Events Coming Soon!