A Network of Support

Open the door to your future through development and maintenance of professional contacts. Get involved in your local chapter! Networking is essential to professional survival. Upon joining the Association, you obtain a membership at the national level and representation at the state level. All active members have the right to vote and hold office at the national, state, and local levels.

  • National Level. All active members are national members. The ENA General Assembly, comprised of delegates from each state council, serves as the professional policy determining component of ENA. The Board of Directors, elected by members, serves as the advisors of the national association.
  • State Level. The State Councils are chartered by ENA to implement its philosophy and objectives, and serve as the decision-making bodies at the state level. You automatically receive state membership when you join ENA.
  • Local Level. Some local groups consist of formal chapters responsible for implementing national ENA activities; others are informal constituent groups that implement activities as outlined by the State Council.