ENA Automatic Membership Renewal Terms and Conditions

By enrolling automatic membership renewal with the Emergency Nurses Association (ENA), you (“the individual” or “the member”) are confirming that you have carefully read, understand and agree to the following terms and conditions of the program:

I. Terms and Dues. By opting into automatic membership renewal, you authorize ENA to charge to charge the credit card used during enrollment (“card on file”) for your membership dues once each year. Individuals also opting into a recurring ENA Foundation donation agree to have ENA charge the credit card used during enrollment (“card on file”) once each year consistent with their automatic membership renewal payment.

a. Membership Type. The membership package selected at time of enrollment in automatic membership renewal will remain enrolled unless modified or cancelled by the member or ENA.

b. Membership Dues. ENA reserves the right to change membership dues rates. Automatic membership renewals will be charged at the then-current membership dues rate.  Any changes to membership dues will be communicated by ENA to the enrolled member prior to their automatic payment date and given time to modify or cancel enrollment. If, at any time during the membership term, the member’s eligibility for a particular dues class changes due to member demographic information changing, it is the responsibility of the member to update their ENA membership record. 

c. Payment Dates. The enrolled membership package will be renewed annually on or after the 26th of the month, and by the membership’s expiration date (the last day of the month).

d. ENA Foundation Donations. Individuals enrolled in recurring donations agree to the full terms and conditions of the automatic membership renewal program. Recurring donations can be modified or cancelled according to approved guidelines. (See section III. Notification and Management and section IV. Cancellation and Refund Policy for further details on modification and cancellation of enrollment.) Donations to ENA are tax deductible.

II. Payment and Credit Card Terms. By agreeing to these terms and conditions, you authorize the Emergency Nurses Association to process an automatic once-yearly recurring payment to ENA from the credit card used during enrollment (“card on file”) for membership/donation with ENA. Any automatic recurring payment method or renewal authorization will remain in effect until withdrawn by the member or terminated by ENA.

a. Payment Form. ENA accepts credit and debit payments by VISA, MasterCard, Discover and American Express. If paying using a credit card that belongs to your institution, you agree that you are an authorized user of said credit card. In the event that you become no longer authorized to use the card, you are responsible for updating and replacing the credit card information on file through your online renewal process or by contacting ENA Member Services.

b. Billing. The member is responsible for maintaining true, current and accurate billing and payment information in their membership profile to facilitate automatic renewal and recurring donation payments. Inaccurate billing and payment information may lead to cancellation of enrollment in the automatic membership renewal program and potentially membership termination. (Please refer to Section II d: Unpaid Balances for further detail.)

c. Currency. All payments are made in United States dollars (USD).

d. Unpaid Balances. Should the card on file be declined or other issues arise with your recurring membership, ENA will notify the member by email and/or phone. If the card on file is not updated within 10 business days of notification, automatic membership renewal and recurring donation (if enrolled) will be de-activated and re-enrollment will be required by phone or online but will apply to the next year’s billing cycle. If attempt(s) to collect payment fail and are not rectified within 60 days from membership expire date, your membership and associated benefits will terminate.

III. Notification and Management. ENA will send email notification about pending automatic renewal charges two (2) weeks prior to the membership’s expiration date and a receipt of payment after the annual automatic payment. AutoRenew program notifications and business communications related to automatic membership renewal will be sent to the primary email address associated with the ENA member’s account.

a. Account Management. Enrollment details can be reviewed, modified and managed via the member’s ENA online profile on ENA’s website, or by contacting ENA Member Services. The member is responsible for maintaining a current email address and profile information.

IV. Cancellation and Refund Policy. The member can cancel enrollment in the automatic membership renewal program up until the last day of the month prior to their current membership expiration (Example: May 31 would be last day to cancel for a June 30 membership expiration date.) Requests for cancellation after the approved time period will be reviewed by ENA Member Services. With consideration to scheduled charge processes, ENA may not be able to cancel enrollment in the program, but will honor refund requests after card is charged in extenuating circumstances. Refund requests may be prorated in some cases. ENA Member services will review details and communicate refund details to the member. The member is responsible for contacting ENA Members Services to initiate this review process. ENA will notify the member of cancellation with an email confirmation to the member’s primary email address on file. 

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