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What is the AutoRenew program?

The AutoRenew (Automatic Membership Renewal) program allows members to pay their dues directly from their credit/debit card account. Once you enroll, your membership automatically renews each year, freeing you from having to resubmit your renewal and payment information annually.

By opting in to the automatic membership renewal program, you authorize ENA to charge your credit card on file for your membership dues once each year. Please read the Terms and Conditions for more information.


What are the benefits of the AutoRenew program?

You will experience no disruption in your membership. This means you will continue to receive JEN and ENA Connection as well as access to discounts and online programming. 

You also help alleviate paper waste and help ENA save money on paper and printing. These savings can be utilized on programs and services that benefit you.

Additionally, you no longer have to worry about forgetting to renew or planning to renew. It is taken care of for you. You can also review and manage your enrollments conveniently in your profile online at any time. 

Who can sign up for the AutoRenew program?

Members who are joining, or renewing with a current:

  • national, international, military, senior, or affiliate 1-year membership package

Multi-year memberships, lifetime memberships, and other conditional memberships such as group, student and NSNA are not eligible for enrollment.

The membership package selected at time of enrollment in automatic membership renewal will remain enrolled unless modified or canceled by the ENA member.



What will I be charged if I enroll in AutoRenew?

You will only be charged for the total amount of the current rate for your ENA membership dues. Membership dues may vary by state and may be subject to change. Notice will be provided if dues rate changes. 

You can also authorize a recurring ENA Foundation donation to be paired with your automatic membership renewal. ENA will charge the same card on file on an annual basis at the same time AutoRenew membership dues are processed. 


How do I sign up for AutoRenew?

There are two easy ways to enroll:

  1. Renew or join ENA with an eligible membership. You must pay by credit/debit card and complete the AutoRenew portion of your online application or renewal. Your enrolled membership package will be renewed annually on or after the 26th of the month of expiration but before the membership expires (the last day of the month).


  2. Enroll in the membership section of your profile if you have an active, eligible membership and place a credit/debit card on file to be charged for automatic membership renewal for your upcoming expiration date.


Enroll Now

Join or renew your membership with an eligible package and you will be asked if you would like to enroll in AutoRenew.

Or, if you are a current member with an eligible package you can enroll through the membership section in your profile. (Automatic membership renewal will apply on your upcoming expiration date and continues annually until you modify or cancel your enrollment.) 

Renew Join Enroll in profile

Already enrolled in AutoRenew? Manage your enrollments in the membership section of your profile

Billing and Cancellation

When and how will I be charged?
If you have a balance due at the time of enrollment, the full amount will be collected at that time. Your renewal will automatically occur annually in the month you initially enrolled in the Automatic Membership Renewal program. You will receive an email receipt to confirm payment. A credit card is required and will be securely stored. You can cancel enrollment in the AutoRenew program up until the last day of the month prior to your current membership expiration. If you decide you want to discontinue your ENA membership, you must cancel before the 26th of the month your membership is due.
Will I be notified?


ENA will send an email notification of automatic renewal charges two (2) weeks prior to the membership expiration date and a receipt of payment after the annual automatic payment has been processed. All notifications and business communications related to automatic membership renewal will be sent to the primary email address associated with your membership account. Please ensure your primary email address is correct. Review Terms and Conditions for details on modification and cancellation. 

What if my card is no longer valid?

You can manage your payment info in the Membership section of your profile or contact ENA Member Services.

Should the card on file be declined or other issues arise with your recurring membership, ENA will notify the member by email and/or phone.

If the card on file is not updated by the membership expiration date, automatic membership renewal and recurring donation (if enrolled) will be de-activated and re-enrollment will be required. Re-enrollment will apply to the next year’s billing cycle. If attempt(s) to collect payment fail and are not rectified, your membership and associated benefits will terminate.
Will my dues ever change?
Certain ENA membership packages and terms have different pricing. If your eligibility for a package changes it will be reflected in your autorenew notification or through direct communication. Membership dues may vary by state and may be subject to change. Notice will be provided if dues rate changes. 
How do I make updates to my information or cancel my membership?

You can modify or cancel your enrollment details in the membership section of your ENA profile online or by contacting ENA Member Services at or  call 800-900-9659 ext. 6000

If you choose to cancel, you will continue to have access to ENA benefits through the end of the current membership year that has been paid in full.

What is the cancellation and refund policy?
You can cancel enrollment in the AutoRenew up until the last day of the month prior to your current membership expiration. Requests for cancellation after the approved time period will be reviewed by ENA Member Services. With consideration to scheduled charge processes, ENA may not be able to cancel enrollment in the program but will honor refund requests after the card is charged in extenuating circumstances. You are responsible for contacting ENA Members Services to initiate this review process.  ENA will notify you of cancellation with an email confirmation to your primary email address on file.


Terms and Conditions

Review the complete AutoRenew Terms and Conditions for more information.

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