Recruiting Tips

ENA 40th Anniversary 

Join the celebration and be part of the biggest recruitment drive ENA has ever launched…our goal is 40,000 members strong by December 31, 2010.  With one united voice, we can transform practice together.  Sponsoring new members brings growth to ENA expanding our horizons beyond our dreams.

  • Begin by talking to your colleagues and friends about ENA and what you find most beneficial.
  • Share your enthusiasm for ENA - it's contagious!
  • Explain the many resources that are available through ENA that have helped you.
  • Refer them to the ENA website where there is a wealth of information about the many benefits ENA offers.
  • Contact Member Services at 800/243-8362 for a supply of membership brochures and other helpful recruitment tools.
  • Make sure you receive credit for the members you recruit! Print your name and ENA membership number on the application forms before you pass them out.