Group Membership

Do you work in a large emergency department? Are your colleagues interested in advancing their careers? If so, group membership could be an option for you!

When you join or renew as a group, you receive the same valuable member benefits at a reduced annual dues rate.

Getting Started:

To get started, simply get together with a group of at least 10 renewing members or 5 first-time members. Select one person to serve as the “Group Coordinator” who will be responsible for distributing materials to the group. Download and follow the instructions on the application to proceed.



Ten (10) or more renewing National (RN) Members (Must be a Registered Nurse)


Five (5) or more first-time National Members (Must be a Registered Nurse)

*(Multi-year, military, senior, affiliate and student nursing members do not qualify due to their already discounted rate.)

​Dues ​AZ/CO/FL/MA/NC/SC Residents Dues ​CA Residents Dues
​Dues Per 1 Year National Member (RN)*
*Professional registered nurse in the U.S. or its territories


Help Building a Group:

​Check out the resources here​ to help you communicate the value of ENA membership in your conversations with peers!