ENA Original Research Study

Describing the Impact of a Trauma Education Program: Nursing-sensitive Patient Outcomes

Welcome! We are excited that you are interested in joining ENA’s pilot study to begin to understand the effect of TNCC verification on nurse-sensitive patient outcomes, and the environments in which TNCC verification may have the greatest impact. The findings from this research study will help guide ENA to further advance the specialty of emergency nursing in the continual effort to promote safe practice and safe care.

All types of hospitals are eligible for this study. We expect to enroll 18-36 sites in this study. Some sites will only submit de-identified patient-level data and the facility demographic data. From the total enrollment, approximately 6-10 sites will also be invited to participate as observation sites. This is a pilot study that will initially focus 18-36 emergency departments located in the following states:
  • Connecticut
  • Maine
  • Massachusetts
  • New Hampshire
  • Rhode Island
  • Vermont

At this time, we are initially collecting information on sites that are interested in participating as we finalize inclusion and exclusion criteria. Additional study information will be provided at a later time.

Ready to Have Your ED Participate?

  1. Provide ED Liaison Contact Information
    This short form will allow us to keep in touch with you as you complete the study registration process.
    Initial Study Registration Form

  2. Obtain Administrative Approval and Support
    An administrator must sign an electronic letter of support indicating that they agree to commit staff participation, de-identified retrospective patient data, and possible assistance for onsite observational data collection with the PI, toward completion of this study. Patient data will not be accepted and observations will not be scheduled until proof of IRB review and final determination from the individual site has been submitted to ENA. Completing this form informs ENA of your intent to complete the registration process to be a fully participating site. At any time, your site may decide that you no longer intend to participate.
    Administrator Approval Form

  3. Research Proposal, Study Information Packet, and IRB Approval
    We are in the final stages of preparing a study packet that will include the research proposal, surveys, ENA's IRB approval, etc. You will need to use this packet to prepare and submit an IRB application at your site before data collection can begin. This packet will be available here in the next few weeks. If you have already registered with us, we will contact you when the study packet is available.

    Project Team
    ENA Department of Emergency Nursing Research

    Contact us for support at IENR@ena.org or (847) 460-4119, please address your email to one of the individuals listed below.

    For overall guidance on understanding the scope and aims of the study:

    • Principal Investigator: Lisa Wolf, PhD, RN, CEN, FAEN, Director

    For assistance with IRB approval and data collection questions:
    • Cydne Perhats, MPH, CHES, Senior Associate
    • Altair Delao, MPH, Senior Associate

    For technical assistance when submitting data via the online forms:
    • Leslie Gates, Administrative Assistant