Positions and Responsibilities

All members wishing to volunteer to serve on a National Committee must meet the following general criteria:

  • Access to e-mail
  • Availability for committee conference calls/WebEx between ENA business hours of 9:00 a.m. and 4:00 p.m. (Central Time)
  • Be able to travel to ENA Headquarters for one face-to-face meeting a year if required. Travel expenses paid for by ENA.
  • Excellent professional writing and reviewing skills
  • Able to work under defined timelines
  • Proficient in Microsoft Office programs
  • Respond in a timely manner to communication via e-mail or phone calls

The chairperson is responsible for facilitating the work of the committee, providing leadership and oversight, and ensuring timely communication between the committee, ENA staff and ENA association leadership.

The term of a chairperson is one year, with eligibility for reappointment. Reappointment of an ENA Committee is up to the discretion of the president-elect and board of directors.

Chairperson Responsibilities:

  • Develop a work plan with staff liaison and board liaison that will allow the committee to effectively and efficiently achieve its responsibilities for the year.
  • Develop agendas topics and materials for committee meetings.
  • Manage committee to make sure the assigned work is carried out between meetings.
  • Responsible for the completion of a mid-year and end- of- year report.
  • Report to the committee on decisions of the board of directors or Executive Director that affect the committee’s work or activities.
  • Delegate responsibilities to committee members and encourage their full participation.
  • Work collaboratively when needed with other committees or designated organizations in meeting additional goals.
  • Work within the committee’s established budget.

Committee members actively participate in the work of a committee, work team and advisory council by completing assignments, participation in projects, and communicating accurate details to others. Committee members work toward fulfilling the committee’s goals (charges) in concert with strategic initiatives and outcomes.

Member Responsibilities:

  • Attend all meetings (face-to-face or conference call/WebEx) and complete tasks as assigned
  • Notify staff liaison or the committee chairperson when absence is unavoidable.
  • Review all relevant materials before committee meeting.
  • Make active contributions and voice objective opinions on issues.
  • Complete assigned tasks or individual assignments in a timely manner made by the committee chairperson or ENA.

Board Liaison
The board of director liaison is assigned by the president-elect prior to his or her presidency to work in concert with the committee chairperson and staff liaison to provide leadership and support based on the identified needs of the committee and designated committee charges.

Board Liaison Responsibilities:

  • Attend all meetings (face-to-face or conference call/WebEx) notify staff liaison or the committee chairperson when absence is unavoidable.
  • Serve to enhance communications between the board of directors and the committee as it relates to the work of the committee and the overall strategic plan.
  • Provide intervention if needed to guide the committee in the completion of their tasks.

Staff Liaison
A staff liaison or liaison team is assigned by the executive director and chief nursing officer to work as an informed resource person to the chairperson and members of a committee. The staff liaison assists the chairperson in facilitating committee discussions and activities, which address the committee’s charges, and works with the chairperson to ensure that all committee work is consistent with the goals and objectives of the Emergency Nurses Association.

Staff liaisons make initial contact with the committee chairperson after committee members accept their positions. The staff liaisons will work in conjunction with the board liaison and chairperson to establish dates for conference calls and/or onsite meeting.

Staff Liaison Responsibilities:

  • Liaisons will maintain familiarity with all aspects of the committee’s work, including its scope, subjects under discussion, and ENA policies related to the committee’s work.
  • In some instances, the staff liaison will provide professional nursing insight based on experience and training.
  • The staff liaison will serve to facilitate communications or recommendations to other ENA committees or collaborative organization.
  • Provide historical perspectives about the committee.
  • Interpret tasks or make strategic recommendations to facilitate the work of the committee.

Senior Administrative Assistant
The senior administrative assistant is a member of the liaison team. The senior administrative assistant will record committee meeting minutes and present the minutes to committee chairperson and board liaison for approval before distributing to the entire committee for approval. ​